Quicken Uses Incorrect URL for Online Banking

Quicken may display a different URL than expected for online banking.  This is most frequently reported with Web Connect or Express Web Connect accounts.

This article addresses how to determine if the URL displayed in (or used by) Quicken is incorrect.

Where is the unexpected URL displayed?

The URL for connecting with the financial institution that is displayed during Add Account (Account Setup or Activation) or in the Online Center is usually the link to the financial institutions Customer Service page on their website. This link is provided by the financial institution when they agree to support account downloads in Quicken, and is called the Homepage URL in the FIBlueprint for the financial institution.

If clicking the Homepage URL takes you to a different location than the financial institutions main Home page, or returns a Page Not Found error, and you have confirmed with the financial institution that the Homepage URL in Quicken is incorrect for accessing their Customer Service page, there are two (2) paths that can be taken for resolution (see below).

How are you determining that Quicken is connecting to an incorrect URL?

  • Is Quicken reporting an error when trying to Add Account or Activate an account for Express Web Connect?
  • Is an existing, Activated account no longer downloading current transactions?
  • Is an existing, Activated account returning an error when updating?

These may be signs of different problem, not necessarily related to URL.

The URL used to access account transactions is frequently different than the Homepage URL. If the account is setup in Quicken to update using Express Web Connect, Quicken will be using the transaction detail URL rather than the Homepage URL.  This Detail URL will not be displayed within the Quicken program, only in the Express Web Connect scripting in the OFX log.

If Quicken is returning a CC- error message, a search of http://quicken.intuit.com/support for the actual error message should return FAQs that have answers (or more information) specific to the error message.

Occasionally, CC-errors require an escalation to Express Web Connect scripting for resolution.  These escalations can be submitted through Quicken Support.

How do I report an incorrect URL?

If Quicken truly is displaying an incorrect Homepage URL, as confirmed (above) with the financial institution and/or Quicken Support, there are 2 paths for resolution: 

  1. The financial institution can report this URL change to Intuit Financial Services through their account manager. This is the fastest and preferred method, as the financial institution can confirm that the URL in Quicken is truly incorrect and not just experiencing temporary difficulties.; OR
  2. Quicken Support can escalate a case requesting URL correction.  This escalation would require additional information to confirm the is URL change is appropriate and has not already been reported by the financial institution:
    • Financial Institution name
    • The website URL that takes you to the financial institutions homepage (not the account or transaction detail pages)
    • The website URL displayed in Quicken
    • Where the incorrect URL is displayed in Quicken (Online Center > Contact Info, Add Account, etc.)
    • What happens when the incorrect URL displayed in Quicken is clicked (ex: Page Not Found, a webpage for a wholly unrelated site loads, a webpage for a completely different financial institution loads, etc.)
    • Screenshots are helpful but not required