Scheduled Transactions, Repeating Online Payments, and Single Payments in Quicken

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Scheduled transactions are set up ahead of time. Quicken reminds the user when it is time to make the payment.

  1. If it is an online payment, Quicken reminds the user to send the instruction if they haven't already sent it in.
  2. If it's a paper check, Quicken reminds them to print it or write it out.

Quicken Bill Pay also lets the user to schedule payments another way by allowing them to send in their online payment instructions ahead of time for both single and multiple payments. By setting up Quicken this way, the user doesn't even need to be reminded later on.They just need to set the delivery date to a future date and send the instruction in with a click of mouse.

Repeating Online payments are a special type of scheduled transaction. The user sends one online payment instruction that specifies the payment amount, as well as how often and the number of times to make that payment. Quicken Bill Pay processes the instruction for the number of times the user specifies and for the appropriate delivery dates. They won't need to send the online payment instruction again. The payments continue until the last payment the user specifies is made or until they cancel the repeating online payment instruction.

Many users of Quicken Bill Pay like to set up repeating online payment instructions to pay off typical monthly bills that reoccur such as insurance premiums, and auto payments.

Single Payments or one time payments can be used for unexpected payments or purchases. The user does not have to schedule or set up all of their payments to be reoccurring. They can pay anyone just as easily using a single payment.

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