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Most server issues are resolved within 24 hours. If you suspect that an issue with the server at your financial institution is preventing Quicken from connecting to the internet, wait until the next day and try to connect again. If Quicken still cannot connect to the internet, or the error persists for several days, use the following procedure to refresh the Branding and Profile settings, and then check the log files for more information.

Refreshing branding and profile settings

If your financial institution had recent server changes, it might be necessary to update your Branding and Profile server settings in Quicken.

  1. Select the Tools menu, then choose Online Center.
  2. Click the Financial Institution drop-down arrow and select the financial institution.
  3. Press CTRL+Shift while selecting Contact Info.
  4. In the Account dropdown at the top of the dialog, select an account that is associated with the affected financial institution. 
  5. Select Financial Institution Branding and Profile from the Refresh Options and click Refresh.
  6. Click OK and go online by clicking the Update/Send button.
  7. Attempt your online session again.

Checking the log files

To assist with troubleshooting, Quicken keeps two separate log files of your online activity. You can find information about your most recent online activity at the bottom of the files.

The two primary log files are:

  1. CONNLOG - This log contains a history of the connections you make to servers.
  2. OFXLOG - This log contains more detailed information than the CONNLOG, including the transactions and account information you download into Quicken.

You can access both of the log files by selecting the Help menu, and then selecting Log Files. The log files should be reviewed with the assistance of Quicken Support.

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