Spending Planner or Budget Report Shows a Zero Amount For a Category

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There are several reasons why a zero amount may appear in a budget report even though you have entered transactions that use that category. Some of the report settings might be incorrect, or categories might be incorrectly assigned to transactions. If you believe a zero amount is incorrect for a category, then verify the following items.

  • Determine if the budget report is a monthly budget report or a (standard) budget report. (The title bar reads Monthly Budget or Budget.) The monthly budget report excludes some amounts that are included in the other budget report.
  • In the Date Range field, make sure that you are using a date range that includes the transactions you want to use.
  • Verify that the category is used within the selected date range in a transaction.
    1. Choose Edit on the top menu bar, then choose Find and Replace then Find and Replace again.
    2. In the Look In drop-down menu, choose Category.
    3. In the Match If drop-down menu, choose Contains.
    4. In the Field drop-down menu, choose the appropriate category.
    5. Click on Find All, then check the Show matches in split box. This will display any transactions and dates the category was used.
  • Ensure that the transaction is assigned to a category rather than to a subcategory. If you're using subcategories, verify that they are selected to appear in the budget.  Expenses in a subcategory will not show an expense if you are tracking a parent category only.  
    1. Choose Planning menu > Budget to open the budget.
    2. Click the Income, Expense, or Budget tab.
    3. Click Choose Categories.
    4. Select the subcategory you want to add to the budget, and click OK.
    5. If the budget report is a saved report, then delete the saved report and create a new one.
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