Subscription Release of Quicken for Mac Release Notes

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How to Update Quicken

  1. Select the Quicken Menu > Check for updates
  2. If an update is available for your software, you'll be presented with the ability to download and install the update.
  3. If you're software is already up-to-date, we'll let you know you're up-to-date and which version you're running.

Version 6.3.0, 6.3.1, 6.3.2 & 6.3.3 (7/2021, 8/2021, & 9/2021)

6.3 is here! We’ve made improvements to investments, budgets, reconcile, and... we’ve added a bit of darkness. Read on to find out more!

New investment dashboard and simple investment tracking

  • NEW - The new investment dashboard gives you a quick glance at your holdings. It highlights the top movers for the day and provides an allocation view of securities and asset classes.
  • NEW - Many people find investment accounts complicated and overwhelming. For these customers, we've created our simple tracking option. Simple tracking lets you focus on the information that matters most. You don’t have to deal with the complications and hassle of tracking individual investment transactions.
  • IMPROVED - We’ve added one-week, one-month, three-month, and six-month options to the Portfolio Chart.

Budget detailed mortgage payments and auto-reconcile accounts

  • NEW - You could always budget your mortgage payment if you used a loan payment category. Now, you can also budget your mortgage payment using a detailed scheduled transaction. Look for Loans (Detailed Payments) in the budget category picker and choose the loan payment you want to track.
  • NEW - We've made big improvements to our reconcile feature in the past two releases and this release continues to make advancements. In this release, we're giving you the ability to auto-reconcile online accounts. When you use auto-reconcile, if the online account balance matches your Quicken balance, your transactions are automatically marked as reconciled. Alternatively, you can set Quicken to notify you if the two balances match, and you can still manually review the transactions and mark them as reconciled.

Better indicators and notifications to be able to take action faster

  • NEW - We've always had blue dots on the sidebar to indicate when an account had new transactions. Now, the Quicken sidebar will also notify you when there are issues with an account. Selecting a notification dot will bring up the account status window.
  • NEW - Because we believe many people will prefer our new sidebar indicators to the Activity Status window, we’ve given you the ability to turn off Account Status so it doesn't appear after updating accounts.
  • NEW - If there are issues with an account, a status banner will appear at the top. In most cases, there will be a button to start the process of fixing the account.
  • IMPROVED - We continue to get Care calls from customers who think they've lost transactions only to find out their register was filtered. We've changed the Clear Filters button from white to green to make it easier to see when your register is filtered.

New early access feature and the beginnings of Dark Mode

  • NEW - We've created a feature called Early Access in which you can get an early look at new features before they are "officially" shipped. By selecting this feature, you will also be the first to be notified when we release updates. Check it out in Preferences.
  • NEW - The inaugural Early Access feature is Dark Mode. We've had a large number of customers ask for this feature, but we knew it was going to take multiple releases to complete. We're introducing Dark Mode under the Early Access banner with the understanding there continues to be a number of cosmetic issues that remain to be fixed but for many of you, the current state might be good enough. Let us know what you think or report issues by using the Report a Problem feature under the Help menu.

6.3.1 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in which the Portfolio View settings weren’t saved or restored.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in which accounts with different currencies were incorrectly grouped together when selecting Investing, Brokerage, Retirement, or Education in the sidebar.
  • FIXED - Fixed minor stability and quality issues.

6.3.2 Fixes

  • IMPROVED - The Investment Dashboard now displays information from the same accounts that you have selected for your Portfolio and Transaction views. You’ll see this information when reviewing the Investing, Brokerage, Retirement, and Education groups.
  • FIXED - Restored the previous colors used in our Calendar View.
  • FIXED - Fixed minor stability and quality issues.

6.3.3 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in reconcile where the first screen incorrectly displayed the register.
  • FIXED - Fixed minor stability and quality issues.


Previous Releases

Version 6.2.0, 6.2.1 & 6.2.2 (5/2021 & 6/2021)

Refreshed reconcile, new online help, and more...

  • IMPROVED - We've redesigned Reconcile to streamline the design, remove unnecessary buttons, and feature the most relevant options. This unites Re-reconcile and Reconcile to give you more consistency across features.
  • NEW - Get faster and more accurate answers to your Quicken questions by using the new online, unified help. A single search location will deliver results from Quicken help documentation, Quicken Care FAQs and support documents, videos, and the Quicken Community. Because your help is online, it will always deliver the most up-to-date information we have.
  • IMPROVED - We're modernizing the technology we use to integrate with banks and other financial institutions to download and update your transactions. This is to improve the security, stability, and accuracy of your account data.

6.2.1 Fixes

  • IMPROVED - Improved account transaction download stability and reliability.
  • IMPROVED - Enabled dragging and dropping investment transactions from one account to another so it now works like other types of accounts.

6.2.2 Fixes

  • IMPROVED - Improved the reconcile screen by including the previous reconciliation ending balance and date. A number of people missed seeing the previous balance.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in the reconcile screen in which switching from a Statement Balance to an Online Balance reconcile would incorrectly set the ending date.
  • FIXED - Normalized exceptionally wide column widths in the comparison report and edit budget screen.
  • FIXED - Stopped displaying an unnecessary "an unexpected error occurred" warning when updating accounts.

Version 6.1.0 & 6.1.1 (1/2021 & 2/2021)

Quicken 6.1 introduces new reconcile functionality, a more consistent behavior for saving reports, and minor enhancements to bill pay.

Ensure account balances match using our new reconcile tools

  • NEW - Reconciling your account is a great way to ensure that your Quicken balances match your bank or financial institution’s balances, but even previously reconciled transactions can inadvertently get changed or deleted. This causes discrepancies. Starting in 6.0, all of your reconciled sessions were remembered, and you’ll be able to review them in the new Reconcile History window.
  • NEW - If you see a discrepancy in the Reconciliation History, you can now re-reconcile the session to review and fix issues. You can quickly get your account balance back to its previous, accurate status.

Save reports consistently

  • NEW - Previously, some small report changes, such as expanding and collapsing categories, were saved even if you didn't intend them to be saved. Now, Quicken will always prompt you to save your report, so that you can be sure the changes are what you want. If you want to avoid the prompt, select the Save button on the report toolbar.
  • NEW - When prompted to save, you will also be given the opportunity to create a new report instead of saving the existing report.

See better information when you pay your bills, plus send checks in a new way (US Premier and above customers)

  • NEW - When you pay a bill using Quick Pay or Check Pay, you can now see the amount of your previous payment to that payee. This helps you better decide the size of your payment for the current bill.
  • NEW - For Check Pay, instead of sending your check using a specific Mail-on date, you can now choose the date you want your check to Arrive by.

Improved stability and bug fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where some QuickFill rules were getting deleted after editing and syncing.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in which editing the date of a scheduled transaction removed the instance from the Calendar view.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in which transactions that were improperly identified by the bank were skipped by Quicken, which resulted in missing transactions.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in which selecting a transfer account in QuickFill would be lost when tabbing through the category field.

6.1.1 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in which Asset and Liability information was missing from the Accounts Summary report.
  • FIXED - Fixed issues with Report a Problem. The feature would fail if it appeared during Quicken launch or if comments were too long.
  • FIXED - Fixed a few minor issues in Reconciliation History and Re-reconcile.

Version 6.0.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, & 6.0.3 (11/2020 & 12/2020)

Quicken 6.0 introduces a refreshingly new, yet familiar, user experience inspired by macOS Big Sur.

An improved, modern design

  • NEW - Quicken is now a Universal app which means it will take full advantage of the power and speed of new Apple Silicon Macs.
  • NEW - We removed the title bar and replaced it with a new Q button. The Q button is located on the right side of the Quicken window. Using the Q button menu, you can view your file name and access your Quicken account.
  • NEW - We restyled the quick access items at the top of the Quicken window to make them a more seamless, refined element of the design. You’ll still see easy-to-find links to key Quicken areas such as Home, Reports, Budgets, Bills & Income, Calendars, and Alerts.
  • NEW - We adopted Apple's standard icons for many of the toolbar buttons in Quicken to provide a more consistent and familiar experience.
  • NEW - In the register, we changed the Today line from blue to green to make it visible even when you've selected a transaction next to the line.
  • NEW - We revamped the Account Settings window so you can more easily manage your accounts.

Continued improvements to reports

  • NEW - We recently added several new Net Worth reports. To improve on these, we’ve now provided the ability to drill-down on net worth report segments to see the individual transactions that determine the amounts.
  • IMPROVEMENT - On the Report toolbar, we changed the Customize button to an Edit button to better represent its purpose. Use Edit to change your date range, and to select accounts, categories, tags, or payees. You can also use Edit to define advanced report functionality for grouping, organization, and how to handle transfers and adjustments.

Quick Pay and Check Pay enhancements (For US Premier and above customers)

  • NEW - We added a new Usage window that provides more detail regarding the number of payments you’ve made and how many payments are left in your allotment.
  • IMPROVEMENT - We've added a new Pay Another Bill button in the Quick Pay and Check Pay window to make paying bills faster.

New system requirements

  • NEW - Quicken v6.0 requires macOS 10.13 or higher.

6.0.1 Fixes 

  • FIXED - Fixed a Reinvested Dividend issue in the register where the price per share calculation wouldn't update.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the Splits tab in the register didn't appear on some bank bill pay transactions.
  • FIXED - Added a number of stability improvements.

6.0.2 Fixes

  • IMPROVED - Added a link to My Account from within the Bill Manager Usage screen.
  • IMPROVED - Added New Calendar as part of the Calendars menu in the top navigation.
  • IMPROVED - Added account name to the Tax Schedule CSV exported report.
  • IMPROVED - Hid the Bill Pay tab in Account Settings if the account can't be enabled for Bill Pay.
  • FIXED - Made the Notes field in Account Settings scrollable.
  • FIXED - Fixed a formatting issue in the Net Worth Over Time CSV exported report.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where Bank Bill Pay was disabled in the Bill Pay register tab when it should have been enabled.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where editing the date of a scheduled transaction instance would make it disappear from the calendar.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the arrow keys didn't work in the calendar until first clicking on the calendar view.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where editing a QuickFill rule would result in the rule being deleted.
  • FIXED - Fixed a Direct Connect account sync problem.

6.0.3 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in Edit Budget (introduced in version 6.0.2).

Version 5.18, 5.18.1, & 5.18.2 (9/2020)

We've made a number of feature enhancements in bill pay, bills & income, budgets, reports, and the sidebar. You should also check out our updated system requirements.

New Activity tab for Bills & Income plus a new way to pay with Quick Pay and Check Pay

  • NEW - Bills & Income has a new tab called Activity. Once you pay a bill it will move to the Activity tab. From there you can manage and monitor your paid bills. A blue dot appears on the tab when there's something new. The Activity tab replaces the Recently Paid and Recently Deposited sections under the Bills & Income tab.
  • NEW - The Online Payment tab in the register has been renamed Bill Pay and now includes support for Quick Pay and Check Pay, in addition to bank bill pay and intra-bank transfers, and displays your current eBill information when paying your Quick Pay bills. You can also use a calendar to choose the day you pay your bills.

Track transfers in budgets and expand or collapse all sections in a report

  • NEW - We’ve added the ability to track transfers in budgets. This was one of our most requested features. Transfer categories are important for tracking deposits to savings and retirement accounts when preparing for retirement, or tracking withdrawals coming from retirement accounts once you’ve retired. You’ll find new Transfer In and Transfer Out sections in your categories.
  • NEW - We recently added the ability to print reports with expanded or collapsed sections. Now we’ve added an easy way to expand or collapse ALL of your report sections. Use the new Table Options button to Expand All or Collapse All. If you're using a transaction report, you'll also find the Columns option lets you change your columns.
  • NEW - Added report descriptions to provide more information about each default report. You can also add your own descriptions to your custom reports.

Better control over the display of accounts in the sidebar

  • NEW - In the last release, we added the ability to specify display settings for an account and to mark them as hidden, closed, or separate. This changed the way they were grouped in the sidebar. Now, we've added the ability to completely hide these groups in the sidebar. Select the three dots at the top of the sidebar to change your account display options. This only affects Quicken for Mac. These accounts, even if synced, will continue to appear on Web and Mobile.

New system requirements

  • NEW - This release will be the last version of Quicken for Mac that will run on macOS El Capitan (10.11) and macOS Sierra (10.12). The newer versions of macOS offer better performance, stability, security, and offer features that are required for the continued development of Quicken for Mac.

    You may continue running Quicken for Mac v5.18 even if you don’t upgrade your macOS version, but connected services (such as downloading transactions) will eventually stop working as we upgrade technologies used to connect to financial institutions.

Version 5.17, 5.17.1, 5.17.2, 5.17.3, 5.17.4, 5.17.5, &  5.17.6 (7/2020, 8/2020, & 9/2020)

This is an exciting release with major enhancements to reports, bill payment, scheduled transactions, budgets, and accounts.

All-new reports center: a redesigned reporting experience featuring increased interactivity, better organization, and new reports

  • NEW - The 5.17 update introduces a new Reports tab. Using the new Reports tab, you can search, open, and interact with your reports.
  • NEW - To make navigation easier and highlight popular choices, we’ve redesigned the organization of our reports. This includes creating new groups for Net Worth reports, Tax reports, and Transaction reports. We’ve also created a new Popular group that includes ten of the most common and useful reports.
  • NEW - To make it easier to read your reports, they now appear in individual windows rather than as a part of the main Quicken window.
  • NEW - Quicken now prompts you to save a report if you have made changes to it. This makes it easier to revisit useful customizations to your reports.
  • NEW - We've added four new Net Worth reports and a new Cash Flow Comparison report.

Enhanced Quick Pay, Check Pay, and scheduled transactions: improved scheduling and payment options, scheduled transaction sync, and bill pay alerts

  • NEW - You can now schedule a future dated Quick Pay or Check Pay payment. You are no longer required to send a payment immediately.
  • NEW - You can now assign a payment method to a scheduled transaction. For example, you can now set a particular bill to always be paid using Quick Pay.
  • NEW - We've added several types of Bill Pay alerts including SMS text messages. To update the phone number used for receiving these alerts, go to Mobile, Web & Alerts tab in Quicken Preferences.
  • NEW - Scheduled transactions will now sync to the Quicken Cloud so that you can review your bills using the mobile and web apps.
  • NEW - The calculation we use to derive Today's Balance has changed. Going forward, this balance will now match the running balance in the register and include past-due scheduled transactions.

Improved account management: new Hidden and Separate accounts, improved budgeting, and improved sidebar

  • NEW - You can now choose to exclude accounts from a budget. This helps you to create budgets that are more specifically tailored for your needs. The ability to select the accounts used for a budget was one of our most requested features.
  • NEW - Hidden accounts will now appear in their own group on the sidebar so they are easily accessible. This makes it easier to use All Transactions to search across every account, even ones that are hidden or have been closed.
  • NEW - We have added a Separate Accounts feature to improve support for tracking accounts that are outside of your personal, or primary finances. For example, you can use this feature to track accounts on behalf of a parent, child, or organization. These accounts will not be included by default in reports or net worth calculations.
  • NEW - You can now mark an account as Closed. Closing an account will zero out the balance, automatically move it to hidden accounts, and disconnect it from online services. Closed accounts will still be included in reports by default.
  • NEW - We have added a new control in the register so you can more easily adjust the scheduled transaction reminders you see in each account.

5.17.1 and 5.17.2 Fixes

  • NEW - Added the ability to close an account from the Hide and Show Accounts window and from the shortcut menu that appears when Control-clicking an account on the account sidebar.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where an invalid Formatting Error could appear when editing a transaction and, in some cases, could cause a crash.

5.17.3 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where choosing a payee with QuickFill options would clear the Action field.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue on macOS 10.15 (Catalina) where double-clicking an attachment wouldn’t open the attachment.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue that would mess up tabbing through register fields after hitting Command+Option+E or other keyboard shortcuts.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where report category and sub-category disclosure settings were not saved with the report.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where re-ordering columns was not saved with the report.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where realized and unrealized gain transactions would appear in a customized category transaction report where all accounts, categories, and tags were selected, but the report was filtered by a set of payees.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the multi-currency pop-up on the Spending Over Time and Net Income charts on the Home tab drew on top of the date range.
  • FIXED - Fixed a sync issue where closed accounts that had been reopened were closed again after syncing.
  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking on a scheduled transaction in the calendar.
  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that would occur on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) when selecting the “Save and finish later” option in the Reconcile window.

5.17.4, 5.17.5, & 5.17.6 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that could occur on macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) and macOS 10.12 (Sierra) when adding attachments to transactions. If you’re on macOS 10.11 or 10.12, we encourage you to upgrade to a newer version of macOS for better performance, stability, and security. While we’ve continued to fix these 10.11 and 10.12 issues, this work will stop after the next release.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the First Check Number would be wrong in the Print Check window.
  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that could occur for Quicken Bill Pay customers when launching or quitting Quicken, or when trying to cancel a Quicken Bill Pay payment after August 31st.

Version 5.16 & 5.16.1 (5/2020)

The 5.16 release continues to improve the product in three key areas: QuickFill rules, reports, and bill pay.

Lock QuickFill rules and set default preferences

  • NEW - QuickFill rules can now be locked to prevent overwriting or modifying rules that you don’t want changed.
  • NEW - We have added preferences for QuickFill and Renaming Rules to determine whether rules will be auto-created, by default, when creating or editing transactions.
  • NEW - You can now use ⌘Y to quickly create a QuickFill rule based on the selected transaction.
  • FIXED - Fixed a number of QuickFill issues.

New reports and improved print and export capabilities

  • NEW - Added more than 20 new, standard reports to help you better understand your financial picture, including income and spending reports.
  • NEW - You can now more easily create your own custom reports by modifying the new, standard reports.
  • NEW - Printed and exported reports now more accurately reflect the reports’ onscreen appearance.
  • NEW - You can now report on Unrealized Gains, using the Advanced tab settings, when customizing a report.

New Quick Pay and Check Pay capabilities (US Premier and above members only)

  • NEW - You can now pay bills from your register using Quick Pay or Check Pay.
  • NEW - The Check # field now displays a menu to show all the available online bill payment and check options.
  • NEW - If you select Pay, Mail, or Send, the suggestion list will display the payees that you have set up for the selected payment method.
  • NEW - Manage Quick Pay and Check Pay payment accounts, and monitor monthly payment usage, from a single payment account window.

Other improvements and fixes

  • IMPROVED - We’ve redesigned the Preferences window so you can more easily find the customization settings you’re looking for.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue that prevented newly added accounts from appearing in budgets.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue that could prevent successful resolution of eBill errors.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue that prevented Dividend and Buy transaction pairs from converting into a Reinvest Dividend transaction for certain types of securities, such as REITs.
  • FIXED - Fixed a rare issue in which the Share Balance column didn't display the accurate share count.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in which adding a transfer from one account to another failed to display a prompt to match an existing transaction.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in which a Canadian bank account created from a QFX file defaulted to USD currency.

5.16.1 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed a number of crashes that only occur on macOS 10.11 El Capitan and 10.12 Sierra.

If you’re on macOS 10.11 or 10.12, we encourage you to upgrade to a newer version of macOS for better performance, stability, and security. While we’ve continued to fix these 10.11 and 10.12 issues, this work will stop in the next couple of months.

Version 5.15, 5.15.1, 5.15.2, & 5.15.3 (2/2020 & 3/2020)

The 5.15 release adds the ability to automatically create QuickFill rules with payees, tags, memos, and amounts and also a new way to pay bills.

Our new QuickFill enhancement includes the option to auto-save categories, tags, memos and amounts.

  • NEW - In the previous release, changing a transaction's category created a QuickFill rule with a payee and category pair. In 5.15, we've added the ability to save all the key transaction fields including the payee, category, tag, memo, and amount. You can define what will be automatically saved using the QuickFill rule. To do this, select the down arrow next to the word category and change it to all fields in the blue tab that appears above the category field. By changing this setting, Quicken will work the same way it did in the past when the last transaction's data was auto-filled into new transactions.
  • IMPROVED - The checkbox to create QuickFill rules in the transaction register will now always be checked by default and won't remember the last change. This is to ensure that rules are automatically created without having to constantly monitor or manage this setting.
  • FIXED - Fixed a number of QuickFill issues such as accidentally creating duplicate QuickFill rules when merging payees and duplicate split lines.

New way to pay bills (Premier customers only)

  • NEW - Quicken is introducing the Quicken Bill Manager service to U.S. users of Quicken Premier and above. Quicken Bill Manager is a brand-new way to pay your bills, and features two payment methods: Quick Pay and Check Pay.
  • NEW - Quick Pay is a way to make payments from your checking account to your web-based billers for anything from subscription services, to insurance payments, to your credit card bill. True to its name, Quick Pay is fast, usually having your payment recorded with your biller within minutes. We have lined up over 11,000 billers, so finding your biller is quick and easy.
  • NEW - Check Pay is a service that works with your checking account, and can be used to send payments by check to anyone with a valid U.S. address. You can pay smaller companies, services, and even individuals, straight from Quicken. You designate the payee and the amount; Quicken creates and sends the check. You don't even have to pay for postage.

5.15.1 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed a number of small Quick Pay and Check Pay issues.
  • FIXED - Fixed a number of stability issues that appeared in the release.

5.15.2 Fixes

  • IMPROVED - Added a Check Pay address tab to the Payees & Rules window.
  • IMPROVED - Added a warning that changing the account or routing number will require new Check Pay micro-deposits to be sent and verified.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where some birthdays entered in the Quick Pay and Check Pay payment account window weren't being allowed.
  • FIXED - Removed Cash accounts from the list of accepted accounts for Quick Pay and Check Pay. Any Cash account that was set up for Quick Pay or Check Pay will be changed to a checking account.
  • FIXED - Fixed a scheduled transaction crashing issue.

5.15.3 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where QuickFill rules weren't always getting applied to downloaded transactions.
  • FIXED - Fixed a transaction auto-matching issue.
  • FIXED - Fixed a calendar drop-down issue where the year was inexplicably set to 1899 and didn't match the register date field.

Version 5.14.0, 5.14.1, 5.14.2, & 5.14.3 (1/2020)

The 5.14 release improves auto-categorization by introducing QuickFill. QuickFill associates categories and other transaction information with specific payees. This release also extends 5.13 report capabilities to transaction reports and expands Renaming Rule functionality.

QuickFill allows rules to be created to auto-complete transactions

  • NEW - QuickFill will improve auto-categorization of downloaded and manually entered transactions. Changing a category will automatically create a QuickFill rule that will be applied the next time that payee is entered. Click the checkbox above the category to control whether a rule is automatically created.
  • NEW - 5.14 will no longer automatically save the transaction's tags, memo, or amounts because these tend to be specific to a particular transaction. However, if you want a tag, memo, or amount to always be associated with a payee you can add this to the QuickFill rule using Payees & Rules under the Window menu.
  • NEW - Refined the payee menu that appears as you type a payee name. Now you will see both the best payee matches as well as QuickFill items for the payees.
  • NEW - Quickly create new manual transactions by selecting a QuickFill item to automatically enter all the relevant transaction fields with one click. For example, you can define different QuickFill rules for the different types of items you always purchase at stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Costco. You can define whether that's groceries, electronics, clothing, or any other items typically purchased at each store.

Improved reports

  • NEW - Added transaction report time intervals. Previously, a time transaction report would be grouped in one giant bucket for the entire report period. Now, you can define reports grouped by week, month, quarter, or other time interval.
  • NEW - Added Cash Flow and advanced transfer and adjustment capabilities to transaction reports.
  • FIXED - Changed the way the first interval of 2-week time interval reports are defined. The first day within the date range is now considered to be the beginning of the first week of the interval. The first week will be a partial week if that day doesn't fall on a Sunday.

New Renaming Rule features and other improvements

  • NEW - Sometimes a Renaming Rule isn’t effective and you would rather get the payee statement name that comes straight from the bank or credit card company instead of a truncated name that may not mean much to you. You can now create a Do Not Rename payee rule.
  • NEW - In 5.13, auto-created renaming rules for payee names such as "check","atm", or "withdrawal" were blocked because they could potentially rename more transactions than expected. Now, you'll be given the option to create a rule but the renaming rule checkbox above the payee name in the register will always be off by default.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where some eBills stuck in error couldn't be fixed because multi-factor authentication (MFA) was broken and wouldn't appear. If you have an eBill with a red exclamation mark, click on the red exclamation mark to fix the issue.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the day change for security quotes were incorrect on Mondays. This was only an issue with a couple of brokerages.
  • FIXED - Fixed a number of stability issues.

5.14.1 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed a stability issue that could cause Quicken to stop working when viewing or changing the Row setting of a transaction report.
  • FIXED - Fixed a stability issue when downloading transactions.
  • FIXED - Fixed a stability issue when importing a Quicken Windows file.

5.14.2 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed an issue that would create a 0 amount split line in some transactions with payees associated with 0 amount, single split line, QuickFill rules. This resulted in 0 amount transactions in transaction reports.
  • FIXED - Decreased the minimum window size for more flexibility.

5.14.3 Fixes

  • IMPROVEMENT - Added a step to optimize the size and performance of a file on upgrades.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where PRINT was removed from the check number field after syncing.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where transaction auto-matching didn't work on transfer transactions created from a QuickFill.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the transaction report wouldn't update after changing the Row.
  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that could occur when searching QuickFill rules.
  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that impacted a handful of customers on file upgrade.

Version 5.13.0, 5.13.1, 5.13.2, & 5.13.3 (10/2019 & 11/2019)

The 5.13 release is focused on report and list window improvements.

New Report Tools

  • NEW - You can now organize summary and comparison reports by Inflows and Outflows instead of just Income and Expense using the new Cash Flow report customization option under the Advanced tab.
  • NEW - You can now define what types of transfers to include in Summary and Comparison reports.
  • NEW - You can now include calculated Realized and Unrealized Gain in Summary and Comparison reports. The Realized Gain category will appear in all reports by default. Customize the report to remove it.
  • NEW - You can now see all of your report options when you create a Transaction, Summary, and Comparison report. Also, the report title will automatically update as each option is changed.

Category, Payee, Tag, Action, and Security Window Improvements

  • NEW - You can now search for a category in the Category List window.
  • NEW - You now have more control over how categories, payees, and tags merge with the new Merge window. The new Merge window allows you to see your number of uses. It also provides you with the ability to define what the final merged name will be.
  • NEW - You can speed up menu selection in the list windows by right-clicking or Control+clicking to get a contextual menu, making it faster and easier to add or merge list items.
  • NEW - You can now see the total count of your list items and the number you have selected.
  • NEW - You can now use Command+N while in the list window to create new payees, categories, tags, actions, or securities.

File Import, Scheduled Transaction, and Other Improvements

  • NEW - The new macOS Catalina does not allow 32-bit apps to run. This causes the local Quicken 2007 and Quicken Windows file converters to fail. To address the issue, Quicken Mac will now temporarily upload a file to a new cloud-based converter that will convert the file, transfer it back to Quicken Mac for import, and then delete it.
  • IMPROVED - We changed the way the Twice a Month scheduled transaction frequency worked. Previously, the first day had to be earlier than the second day which could cause past-due instances.
  • IMPROVED - We changed the way the Twice a Year scheduled transaction frequency worked. Previously, both dates had to be in the same year, but this did not make sense when the starting date was at the end of the year.
  • IMPROVED - Renaming rules are now grouped under a payee name in the Payees & Rules window.
  • IMPROVED - We removed the 32-character limit for Payees when a payee name is not associated with Bill Pay.
  • IMPROVED - Typing the letter P in the check field will automatically set it to PRINT.
  • IMPROVED The Attachments panel in the register now tells you that a file can be dragged to the panel to add the attachment.
  • IMPROVED Some payee names contain words such as Check or Withdrawal that could appear in many unrelated transactions. Previously, the option to create a renaming rule was turned off for these words because a rule could accidentally be created that was too broad and renamed too many transactions. Many found this to be too restrictive so now people are given the option to create a rule, but the option is turned off by default.

5.13.1 Fixes

  • FIXED - Customers running macOS 10.11 El Capitan would sometimes crash when trying to merge payees with renaming rules. This would only occur for customers running macOS 10.11.
    If you're running macOS 10.11, which is over four years old, please consider upgrading to a newer version of macOS. We have officially stopped supporting 10.11 but have NOT yet enforced this. At some point, in the not-too-distant future, customers running macOS 10.11 won't be able to upgrade to the latest version of Quicken Mac. Apple makes a number of changes and bug fixes in each macOS release and it's difficult to keep Quicken Mac working reliably on four different versions of the operating system. In addition, we primarily test on the latest two versions of the OS so issues like the one above will be missed from time to time.

5.13.2 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed crashes that could occur on macOS 10.11 El Capitan or 10.12 Sierra.
    If you're on macOS 10.11 or 10.12, we encourage you to upgrade to a newer version of macOS for better performance, stability, and security.

5.13.3 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that would occur for a small group of people when clicking on loans.
  • FIXED - Fixed more crashes that could occur on macOS 10.11 El Capitan or 10.12 Sierra. One of these crashes occurred when viewing the investment security history list.
    If you're on macOS 10.11 or 10.12, we encourage you to upgrade to a newer version of macOS for better performance, stability, and security.

Version 5.12.0, 5.12.1, 5.12.2, 5.12.3, 5.12.4, & 5.12.5 (8/2019 & 9/2019)

5.12 is a really big release with lots of new and improved features.

Set renaming rules for better transaction payee names

  • NEW - Renaming a payee will automatically create a rule so that you won't have to rename it in the future.
  • NEW - Go beyond the basics and specify detailed rules for payee renaming precision.
  • NEW - You can now define Payees that you don’t want renamed. The Payee name will stay as is when it comes from the bank.
  • NEW - Sync renaming rules so that mobile and web transactions are downloaded just like they are on Mac.
  • NEW - With the push of a button, rename existing transactions and correct past payee naming mistakes.
  • NEW - View, add, modify, or delete Renaming Rules in the new Payees and Rules window.

Redesigned scheduled transactions for simplified use and control

  • NEW - Rebuilt scheduled transactions to simplify setting up bills and income transactions.
  • NEW - Edit the date and amount of an upcoming scheduled transaction without changing all future transactions. This is ideal for updating credit card payments or other bills that change from month to month without impacting the default amount you like to use for projected balances and cash flow.
  • NEW - Have Quicken automatically enter a scheduled transaction on the due date or a specified number of days prior to the due date.
  • NEW - Use the new convenient scheduled transaction toolbar to mark as paid, skip, or edit.
  • NEW - Added New Income button to create an income scheduled transaction.

New report tools make tweaking reports a snap

  • NEW - Quickly customize and make ad-hoc changes to reports using the new report toolbar where you can set the type, row, column, and time interval.
  • NEW - Duplicate a report to make minor tweaks.
  • NEW - Quickly create a transaction, summary, or comparison report from the menus. You'll also be able to customize and select the time frame, accounts, categories, tags, and payees before creating the new report.
  • NEW - Rename reports by clicking on the report name.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where multiple total lines would appear when switching currencies.

More investment improvements

  • NEW - Added a new Average Cost Per Share column to the Portfolio view.
  • NEW - In the investment transaction register, added the Investment Amount column so you can see the value of reinvested dividends. Also added the symbol column for easier transaction review and clarity.
  • IMPROVED - Quicken Mac used to treat Reinvest Dividend, Dividend Income, Reinvest Interest, and Interest Income as different things in reports even though they are the same thing. Now they will all show up as just Dividend Income or Interest Income.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where Quicken wasn't recognizing the tax-free flag on a security.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where dividend transactions were being duplicated. This would occur when the dividend was reinvested on the next day and turned into a Reinvested Dividend and the original dividend wasn't getting properly deleted.

Other new features and fixes

  • NEW - Added a new Adjust Account Balance feature. Tell Quicken what the account balance should be on a certain date and Quicken will add an adjustment balance for you. Define the adjustment transaction as a "Live" balance adjustment meaning that the adjustment amount changes if any transactions are added prior to the adjustment date.
  • NEW - Creating a manual account now includes the ability to add an opening balance.
  • NEW - Added the ⌘+0 key command to reset the register text size to the default.
  • NEW - Quicken now displays a What's New carousel when launching the upgraded app for the first time to highlight new features. Also added menu items for What's New and Release Notes under Help.
  • FIXED - Fixed a calendar issue where past due scheduled transactions weren't being included in balance calculations.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue when exporting to QXF where the Add Shares date is used for the acquisition date.


  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where loan lengths longer than 60 months were not properly migrated in 5.12.0.
  • FIXED - Fixed a number of issues that would cause the application to crash.


  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where a missing account type prevented files from opening. Quicken will now attempt to detect the account type and automatically fix the issue. If you get this error, please review the resulting account types to make sure they are correct.


  • IMPROVED - Quicken now detects and displays a warning when the calculated loan payoff date doesn't match the actual payoff date. This might indicate that an adjustment transaction is incorrectly dated in the register or there is an error in the loan terms.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where an instance of a weekly, or biweekly, scheduled transaction that fell on the first week in January was incorrectly skipped.
  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that could prevent a file from being opened. This could occur in rare cases where an unsupported, complex scheduled transaction that contained one or more transfers failed to convert to our new scheduled transactions model.
  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that could occur when importing a Quicken 2007 file. This could happen in the rare case where the 2007 file had an unsupported scheduled transaction recurrence setting.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue that could prevent the balance from updating when making changes in a loan register.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the Quicken Support screen sharing tool (Help > Share Screen…) failed to launch on macOS 10.14.


  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in which dividends for some investment accounts were being double-counted. Quicken was adding both dividends and reinvested dividends for the same security. Quicken will now only keep the reinvested dividend when downloading future transactions and will also fix currently affected accounts.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in which the sign of an eBill would be incorrect if there was a linked transfer to an account that wasn't synced.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in which Quicken Bill Pay wouldn't work for Capital One accounts.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in which a banner stating "Your Quicken Bill Pay settings need to be updated" would persist if there were two or more Quicken Bill Pay user names.


  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in which auto-categorization did not work for some customers.
  • FIXED - Fixed a Bank Bill Pay issue in which a nine-digit zip code caused some banks to reject the bill pay command.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue that prevented the Column menu from appearing in the investment register when you selected the Column toolbar button.

Version 5.11, 5.11.1, & 5.11.2 (3/2019 & 7/2019)

New Features - Change register text size and transfer shares

  • NEW - In 5.11, we've added a way to customize the register text size and row height. Under the View menu, click on Register Text & Row Settings to change the text size. Making the text larger will make it easier to read. Making the text smaller will allow you to squeeze more information on the screen at a time. Previously, row height was in the View menu, but now we've added it to this same window, so you can make all the changes at once. While viewing the register, use command + or - to immediately grow or shrink the register text size. This change only affects the text used in the register rows and does not affect the text labels in the register forms or other parts of the application such as the Account sidebar.
  • NEW - Also in 5.11, we've added a new feature that allows you to transfer one security or all your securities from one account to another. By using this feature, Quicken will automatically create Remove and Add Share transactions in the respective accounts and maintain the cost basis information from one account to the other. Add a transaction as you normally would in your investment account and select Transfer Shares in the transaction type to start the process or click on the Transfer Shares button in the Remove Shares form.
  • NEW - 5.11 also improves reports. Under Summary Reports, there's a new None time interval. Selecting None uses the time interval defined in the customize report window as the basis of your summary report.
  • NEW - Added the ability to open an account in a standalone window from the thin sidebar. Click the Account menu, hold down the command key, and then select an account.
  • NEW - Added a My Quicken Account menu item under Help to be able to quickly view and edit one's Quicken account information.

Quality Improvements

  • FIXED - Fixed the Help : Quicken Community menu item so it goes to the new Quicken for Mac forum page.
  • FIXED - Fixed the new thin sidebar account list menu so that it updates correctly when accounts are added, removed, or changed.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue that could cause the space between the Portfolio view column headers and security detail to grow with quote updates.
  • FIXED - Fixed an account connectivity issue that prevented PIN reset messages from the bank displaying to customers.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where loans would sometimes show the wrong next payment date.
  • FIXED - Fixed a number of issues that could cause the application to crash.

5.11.1 Fixes

  • IMPROVED - Improved download reliability for Fidelity Investments.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where Premier users weren't getting free Quicken Bill Pay.

5.11.2 Fixes

  • IMPROVED - A small number of people are running into an AMDRadeonX4000GL video driver crash. We've made a change which will reduce the number of people impacted.

Version 5.10 & 5.10.1(1/2019)

New Features

5.10 has a number of new features and stability fixes.

  • NEW - 5.10 has a powerful new report capability where you can now create a crosstab or matrix report. Use New Report to create a Summary Report. Now in addition to Time you can choose Tags, Payees or Accounts for the columns. This report can be used, for example, for tracking expenses at multiple properties or across different accounts and can also be printed and exported.
  • NEW - We've added a new thin sidebar that will give you more space to work with. Drag and shrink the width of the sidebar or click on the arrow at the top to display the thin sidebar. Click on the dollar sign to switch to different accounts. Drag the sidebar bar wider or click on the arrow again to expand to the original width.
  • NEW - Added support for Canadian pre-printed cheques. Quicken now supports the Canadian cheque layout in the print check dialog.

Quality Improvements

  • FIXED - Added back the Export to Quicken Mac Transfer File (QMTF) format.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where loan payments were off by 1 cent. Also fixed an issue in the What if calculator if there was extra principal applied.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue with matching downloaded transactions where a warning message would incorrectly appear regarding different values even when the values were the same.
  • FIXED - Changed the way the transaction matching warning works. Previously you could hide it. Now it will always appear.
  • FIXED - Continued improving Single Mutual Fund account and transaction quality. Fixed an issue when trying to undo a match.


  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that affected a handful of customers who had a missing account name. If you see an account named "Unnamed Account", please give it a name by going to Account Settings.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where adding a new account didn't update the thin sidebar account list.

Version 5.9.0, 5.9.1, & 5.9.2 (12/2018)

In 5.9, we focused mostly on improving the stability and reliability of Quicken, but there are a few nice improvements worth mentioning.

New Features and Improvements

  • IMPROVED - Improved overall search performance when searching for transfer accounts in both the category and transfer fields. Also refined the way search works while typing in the Search field.
  • IMPROVED - Display a less intrusive subscription reminder as a small notification at the top of the window instead of popping up a screen on launch.
  • IMPROVED - Added the ability to include retirement accounts in the tax report to track taxable withdrawals.
  • IMPROVED - The Portfolio View will now display N/A instead of 0 when Gain/Loss or ROI Amounts/Percentages don't fit within the defined holding period.
  • IMPROVED - The sidebar can now be temporarily hidden by dragging the slider to close it. This setting is not saved so you can easily get it back. Look for continued improvements in a future release.
  • IMPROVED - Re-enabled the ability to have tabbed windows using View > Show Tab Bar.
  • NEW - Added Cost Basis/Share and Account columns to the investment Portfolio View.
  • NEW - Added a Security Overview button to the Security window that opens a web page providing more security details.
  • NEW - Added support for the new Quicken World Mastercard - Designed especially for Quicken members. Get real-time notifications in your Quicken mobile app when you use your card, including pending transactions, so your spending, budgets and custom alerts are always up to date.
  • NEW - Added support for the new Quicken Capital One savings account. Make your cash work harder for you. Earn 2.00% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) plus an up to $600 exclusive bonus.

Quality Improvements

  • FIXED - In reports, fixed an issue where the Last 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90-Day filters were off by 1 day.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where drill down reports weren't respecting the payee or tag filtering.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the Category Summary report wasn't displaying hidden payees because the Include Hidden Payees checkbox was unchecked. It should be checked by default.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the Keep Number of Backup Files preference wasn't being honored.
  • FIXED - Quicken automatically combines dividends with their corresponding buys and converts them to a single reinvested dividend transaction. In this case, the new transaction wasn't being marked as cleared but should have been.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where price history for holdings in a new account wasn't getting updated.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where new accounts weren't immediately added to the Quicken Cloud when Sync was turned on.
  • FIXED - Fixed a number of issues in buy and sell transactions in Single Mutual Fund and 401(k) accounts.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where IRR calculations were incorrectly using the acquisition date instead of the register date for Add Share transactions.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where Remove Share transactions were showing up in the Portfolio - Realized Gain view and the Tax Report - Schedule D.
  • FIXED - Improved the overall stability of Quicken by fixing the number 1 and 2 crashing issues that customers were running into.


  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that occurred in the All Accounts view if an account was deleted in a file with multiple currencies.


  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that occurred if there were holdings without a security in the Portfolio View or Net Worth Report. This should never happen, but for some reason a number of people's files were in this state.

Version 5.8, 5.8.1, & 5.8.2 (9/2018 & 10/2018)

The 5.8 release has a number of improvements in reports, budgets, investments and performance.

Security and Performance Improvements

  • NEW - In 5.8, all password protected files will be encrypted by default, making your files more secure. However, this will increase the time it takes to open and close files. If you want to go back to the way it used to work, go to Quicken > Preferences and click on Security to turn off encryption.
  • IMPROVED - Optimized investment transaction downloads so updating should go a lot faster now.

Report and Budget Improvements

  • NEW - In 5.8, you'll now be able to customize a report with No Tag and No Payee as options.
  • NEW - Reports now have a Scale to Fit printing option so that wide reports can be shrunk to fit on a single page, saving paper.
  • IMPROVED - Comparison reports now print in color.
  • NEW - Full budgets can be printed based on the number of months you want to see on a page. You have the option of having 12, 6, 4, or 3 months per page.
  • NEW - Added an option to print a summary budget.
  • IMPROVED - Budget transaction details now go to a customizable transaction report which allows you to pick the columns to see.

Investment Improvements

  • NEW - In 5.8, we added the ability to print, export, and copy the portfolio view without lots.
  • IMPROVED - The Price and Holdings As Of date is now added to both exported and printed versions of the portfolio view.
  • NEW - Added the Scale to Fit printing feature to the portfolio view so that everything fits on a single page.
  • NEW - Also added a checkbox to the portfolio view graph to start the Y-Axis at zero.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the Find Security contextual menu item didn't work in the investment register.
  • FIXED - 5.8 also has a number of fixes for options. Fixed downloaded option information from brokerages. Also fixed an issue with option placeholders where contracts and shares weren't correctly converted.

Check Printing Improvements

  • NEW - In 5.8, we added a button to the check screen to auto-fill the address using the Payee's bill pay address.
  • IMPROVED - Quicken can now print checks using bold text to make them easier to read. Select the Bold Text option in the check printing screen.

Other Improvements

  • IMPROVED - A blue dot now appears next to a bill in the Bills & Income view to let you know it's been updated.
  • IMPROVED - Added a What is an eBill screen when trying to link an eBill for the first time.
  • IMPROVED - Added a Mobile column to the alert preference screen to allow one to turn on mobile push notification for a few alerts.
  • FIXED - Fixed a number of issues throughout the product.

5.8.1 Improvements

  • NEW - Added a new menu item under Help to access Quicken on the Web. Enter transactions, assign categories, view spending, track budgets and more from anywhere now using Quicken Web. Check it out at Sign in using your Quicken ID.
  • IMPROVED - Improved the performance of exporting or copying a report. Removed the 5000 transaction limit.
  • FIXED-  Fixed an issue where the Net Worth Over Time report and Calendar View misreported the market value of option trades in an investment account. Thanks to RichC who brought this to our attention and helped us track down the issue.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where reports copied to the clipboard wouldn't paste into Apple Numbers correctly.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where newly added columns were removed after customizing a report.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where sometimes a date change in the customize report dialog didn't stick.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where quotes for bonds or any other security downloaded only with investment transactions weren't getting stored properly in price history.
  • FIXED - Fixed a number of sync issues with the reviewed flag, balance adjustments, and transfers.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where Quicken would try to connect to the Quicken Cloud at launch, sometimes requiring a sign-in.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where Quicken would try to connect to the Quicken Cloud when importing a Web Connect file. Won't do this if the customer has the auto-categorization preference turned off and they don't have any Quicken Connect accounts. Thanks to MarkJ for bringing this to our attention.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the preference for the number of files automatically backed up was ignored.
  • FIXED - Fixed a couple of issues with wallet checks. First, fixed an issue where only the first two lines of an address printed. Second, fixed an issue in the bold text feature where the written dollar amount wasn't bolded.
  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing the account income or spending tabs while using macOS Mojave.

5.8.2 Fix

  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a window or quitting Quicken.

Version 5.7.0, 5.7.1 & 5.7.2 (7/2018)

In 5.7, we continue to focus on performance, refining the bills & income feature, and fixing bugs in reports and throughout the product.


  • NEW - We continue to work on improving the Quicken launch performance and experience. First, when you click on Quicken in the dock, a message will immediately appear telling you that Quicken is opening your file. Previously, there wasn't any indication that the application was launching. Second, we removed a database validity check that would occur every time you opened a file. In most cases, this wasn't needed but it took a long time to do and would slow opening files. Now, this check will only occur if Quicken thinks your database may have been damaged.
  • IMPROVED - We also improved the time it takes to display the portfolio view chart. This could take a long time if you had years and years of investment data in an account.

Continued Bills & Income improvements

  • NEW - We added an Update button in the upper right corner of the Bills & Income screen, so you can update just your eBills without needing to download or sync all your accounts.
  • NEW - Your eBills will now display "Awaiting next bill" after you've paid the bill but Quicken hasn't received an updated balance. It used to show 0 so there wasn't any indication if your balance was 0 or if the balance wasn't updated yet.
  • NEW - Passing over the generic bill icon next to your bills will now turn into a Link eBill button when you mouse over it. Clicking it starts the process of searching for your eBill.
  • NEW - In this release, we're also introducing the concept of a "manual" payee for people like your gardener or hairdresser who are paid with cash or a check. This tells Quicken to never search for an eBill for this payee which should simplify and speed up the process of paying or tracking these payees.
  • NEW - Added the Type column to Bills and Income views.
  • FIXED - Now the PDF icon will only appear if there are statements to look at.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the Pay with Bill Pay button appeared instead of Mark as Paid even if the bill wasn’t a bill pay bill. Thanks to GerryY for recommending this change.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the date field shortcut keys didn’t work in the Edit Schedule and Track Bill screens.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the Bills & Income view couldn’t be viewed in a standalone window.

Lots of fixes in reports and budgets

  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in reports where comparison reports of different ranges and lengths (i.e. This Month vs This Year) didn’t work. Thanks to moski in the forums for bringing this to our attention.
  • FIXED - Income investment transactions such as dividends and interest income will now appear in the All Transactions income view. Thanks to s2kdriver from the forums for reporting this.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where reinvested interest, long-term capital gains, and short-term capital gains weren’t showing up in reports.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in the legacy Spending Over Time report where the wrong transactions would appear in the drill-down report for a category with 0 spending. Thanks to ChuckW for helping us figure out this issue.
  • FIXED - Removed accrued interest from the pie chart since it shouldn't be considered an expense. Thanks to GerryY in the forums for bringing this to our attention.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where turning the “Show Cents” checkbox on didn’t immediately update in the budget.
  • FIXED - Fixed a bug in legacy reports where categories with “/“ caused the report to fail.
  • FIXED - Fixed a weird selection issue in the Category Customize Report window where unchecking one category unchecked other categories. Thanks to JohnM for reporting this issue and providing an example to reproduce the issue.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where exported reports and budgets didn’t paste correctly into Apple Numbers.

Investment improvements

  • NEW - Added Roth IRA and Roth 401(k) account types. 
  • IMPROVED - Improved the search for security name in the investment register and edit security window.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where opening or closing the lots in the Portfolio View would cause the screen to jump to the top.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where the Gain/Loss calculations for 1-Day, 1-Month, 3-Month, 12-Month, and Year-to-Date didn't take into account splits. Thanks to KenJ for reporting this issue.

Miscellaneous improvements

  • NEW - When you launch a new version of Quicken, we’ll provide an option to remove old versions of Quicken from the dock.
  • FIXED - When changing from a transfer to a regular category in the category field, remove the account in the transfer field. Thanks to RickO, JacobS and SMeyer from the forums for bringing this to our attention.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where deleting the address of a check would still print the address.

5.7.1 Fix

  • FIXED - Fixed an issue that caused some customers to crash when syncing a budget.

5.7.2 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed another issue that caused some customers to crash when syncing a budget.
  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that occurred while editing a payee and the payee had false Quick-Fill data. Thanks to Tim G. for reporting the issue and testing the fix.
  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that occurred when importing a Web Connect file that had unexpected error codes. Thanks to Peter S. who was instrumental in helping us figure out the issue.

Version 5.6.4 & 5.6.5 (7/2018)

5.6.4 Fixes

  • IMPROVED - Reduced backup file size. This will increase the time it takes backup to complete but it should continue to be pretty fast.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue that prevented budgets from being printed if categories had a "$".
  • FIXED - Database update.

5.6.5 Fixes

  • IMPROVED - One-time database update of Quicken files. You may cancel the update to start using Quicken; the database update will continue when you start Quicken again.
  • IMPROVED - Quicken will now remove unnecessary conflicted database files caused by cloud storage services such as Dropbox to improve file integrity and reduce file size.

Important Investments Update in Version 5.6 and 5.6.1

The 5.6 and 5.6.1 patches bring with them some changes to investment categorization. Here are some key points:

  • The 5.5 patch inadvertently allowed users to select Quicken-reserved investment categories as regular categories. 
  • The 5.6 patch fixed this by not allowing users to pick these categories anymore, but unfortunately for those that did pick an investment category, these categories became "Uncategorized." 
    • For users that have already run into this issue, you will need to search for "Uncategorized" investment transactions and then manually fix them.
  • For users on 5.6.1, it is solved in two ways:
    • For investment transactions that have a corresponding Action, Quicken will convert their transaction to use the Action.  For example, if the user selected a Buy category, in 5.6.1 this transaction will be turned into a Buy action.
    • For transactions that use a Quicken-reserved investment category but don’t have a corresponding action, these will be converted to a new category called "Investments (Custom)" and they will retain their category.  For example, if someone used "Investments : Interest Expense" in a checking account transaction, the category will be changed to "Investments (Custom) : Interest Expense."  

Version 5.6.0, 5.6.1, 5.6.2, & 5.6.3 (5/2018)

The new changes in version 5.6 are focused around 4 key areas: performance, reports, investments and bills & income. We also continue to improve the overall stability throughout the product.

Improved application performance

In 5.6, we focused on improving app performance. Customers with years and years of investment transactions were the most impacted so we zeroed our efforts around investments, but everyone should benefit.

  • NEW - Drastically improved launch times for customers with lots of investment history. A lot of the slowness was downloading and storing quotes which has been significantly optimized.
  • NEW - As part of this performance improvement, Quicken will now only download quotes for held securities, ignoring securities that are no longer owned. In the Securities list, we added a column, so you can see which securities are held. If you want to manage this yourself, you can turn this feature off and then a new column appears, so you can select which securities to update.
  • NEW - Switching to the investment view is significantly faster but drawing the chart can still take some time. By the way, you can hide the chart by dragging up on the bar between the chart and the portfolio table which also improves the overall performance of these views.
  • NEW - Switching from the Portfolio Value view to Performance view is a lot faster now.
  • NEW - Switching between different Groups in the Portfolio View now immediately update.

Improved report usability and functionality

  • NEW - The Comparison, Summary and Transaction reports created from New Report now display date range and customization settings in the upper right corner. This information also appears in printed and exported reports.
  • NEW - The report customization dialog has been simplified to have 2 basic settings: 1) Include any account, category, tag, or payee or 2) Include only selected accounts, categories, tags or payees. Previously it was not obvious what would happen if all accounts, categories, tags, or payees were selected.
  • NEW - As part of refining this experience, column selection for transaction reports has been moved to the report toolbar.
  • NEW - The drill-down report will now remember the columns chosen so that all future drill down reports will include the same columns.
  • FIXED - The Comparison, Summary and Transaction reports created from New Report will now export foreign and other special characters to the CSV file.

Continued refinement of investment portfolio view

  • NEW - The portfolio view can now be printed, exported to a CSV file, or copied and pasted into a spreadsheet.
  • NEW - The portfolio view now remembers which securities have been expanded and collapsed.
  • NEW - Added a way to expand all or collapse all securities. CTRL-click, or right-click, the portfolio view header to get to see these options.
  • NEW - Securities without a cost basis will now display an Add Cost Basis button that will bring up the dialog to cost basis information.
  • NEW - The number of shares column will now display more than 3 decimal places.
  • NEW - The Y-Axis now always starts at zero.

Better eBill support in Bills & Income

  • NEW - Changed the way track flow works. First, Quicken asks whether you want to add an eBill or manual bill. Second, if creating an eBill, Quicken will allow you to enter any name to search for an eBiller vs forcing you to pick an existing payee. You'll link the eBill to the payee later in the process.
  • NEW - Added an Add Payee option to the Payee screen.
  • NEW - Added a column to the Payees list window to more easily select which payees should appear in the Bills & Income screen.

General improvements across the product

  • NEW - Improved transaction downloads. Previously, downloading from Direct Connect accounts would block you from doing anything else. Now Direct Connect works like Quicken Connect accounts in that you can continue to use Quicken while downloading is happening in the background.
  • NEW - In the register, the name of the column being sorted will display more boldly in order to make it more obvious which column is being used to sort the register.
  • NEW - Also in the register, we now always display the balance regardless of the column being sorted. When not sorted by Date or CLR, the balance column will have an italicized, dark gray color to let you know the balance won't match your statement.
  • NEW - Updated the Column menu in the register to allow you to more easily hide and show columns. We also added a Reset to Default menu item to get back to the default for the current account.
  • FIXED - Fixed a number of bugs and stability issues.

5.6.1 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed a report customization issue where all payees including hidden payees would appear in a report if no payees were selected. In 5.6, this setting was converted to use the new Any Payee feature, but it inadvertently excluded hidden payees. We're fixing this in 5.6.1 so that hidden payees will be included by default. Please review the Include hidden payees checkbox to see if it is set properly for your reports. A big thanks to Najmi for their help in figuring out this issue.
  • FIXED - Fixed a similar report customization issue for Accounts. Previously, if all accounts were selected then all accounts including hidden accounts were included. In 5.6, this setting was converted to use the new Any Account feature, but it did not include hidden accounts which meant the same report would have different results. In 5.6.1 when these reports are converted, they will include hidden accounts by default. Please review the Include accounts hidden in reports checkbox to see if it is set properly for your reports.
  • FIXED - In 5.5, we inadvertently allowed one to assign a Quicken-reserved investment category to a transaction which shouldn't have been possible. In 5.6.x, these categories were hidden so they could no longer be selected but this also meant that any transaction that used one of these special categories became Uncategorized. In 5.6.1, we're improving this behavior so that if one of these categories was used, we'll automatically create a new, user-defined category with the same name, but these will now be under a new parent category called Investments (Custom). If the transaction was used in an investment account, we'll first try to convert it to use the corresponding "Action" such as Buy or Sell, etc.
  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking through menus while other windows were open such as the Account Status window.
  • FIXED - Fixed a crash that could happen when customizing report settings.
  • CHANGED - In 5.6, we changed the Y-Axis in the portfolio view chart to start at 0 to be more accurate to the actual account market fluctuations. However, a number of customers stated they liked the old design better because it was easy to see the changes in the account. We decided to go back to the previous design for now until we can make this a user-defined option in a future release.

5.6.2 Fixes

  • IMPROVED - Quicken and Capital One are in the process of upgrading the connection type used to download transactions. Quicken for Mac v5.6.2 is required for this change. Over the course of the next month or so, Quicken will start migrating customers to the new connection type. This change will happen over time. When this change takes place, your Capital One accounts will stop working and you will get a 351 error. Click on the Sign In button in the Account Status window to fix the issue which will prompt you to enter your Capital One username and password. Check the box next to each of your accounts to reauthorize them even if they've already been added to Quicken.
  • FIXED - Fixed an issue in budget export where numbers over a thousand caused extra columns to be created.

5.6.3 Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed an issue where Quicken would hang as it tried to open a file. Unfortunately, the auto Mark As Paid feature didn't expect that scheduled transactions could end and therefore got stuck when it encountered one. A big thank you to Arthur, Jasmyn, Alex and others who reported the issue and worked with us to figure out a fix.
  • FIXED - Fixed a number of small issues that could crop up when trying to add Capital One accounts.

Version 5.5, 5.5.1, 5.5.2, 5.5.3, 5.5.4, 5.5.5, 5.5.6, & 5.5.7 (2/2018, 3/2018, & 4/2018)

Version 5.5 improves support for Canadian customers, refines the Bills & Income view, fixes report and investment features and improves overall stability and performance across the product.

New Canadian Features

  • NEW New support for Canadian categories and tax line items.
  • NEW Added a new Canadian Tax Schedule report.
  • NEW Added a new feature to be able to add back either US or Canadian default categories. Click on the gear icon in the category list to add default categories.
  • NEW Added a new preference to turn on US or Canadian features regardless of membership. This means that if you're a US member but are actually Canadian, you can turn on Canadian features. This also means if you're a Canadian member but have US bank accounts, you can turn on US features like Bill Pay.
  • NEW When creating a new file, Quicken asks if you want US or Canadian default categories for those who have turned on both US and Canadian features.
  • IMPROVEMENT The Edit Category dialog can now be resized to help with tax line item assignment.
  • IMPROVEMENT A category can now be defined as being tax related without requiring an assigned schedule and tax line item. This is useful if tracking city, state or provincial tax items that are not currently supported in Quicken.
  • IMPROVEMENT Canadian members who have investment accounts classified as an IRA, 401K or other US account type are notified that they can be changed to a Canadian account such as TFSA, RRSP or RESP.

Scheduled Transaction, Bill Pay and Bills & Income Improvements & Fixes

  • NEW Added new Payee view in Bills & Income. Go to the Payee view to quickly pay a bill for a particular payee. Quicken automatically displays eBill payees in this view but you can decide which payees appear by clicking on a checkbox in the Edit Payee dialog.
  • NEW Added the logos for payees that have eBills.
  • NEW Added a status column to Bills and Payees to notify people if there is an eBill error. Click on the exclamation mark in a red dot to find out more about the issue.
  • IMPROVED Refined the overall look of Bills & Income.
  • IMPROVED The amount for a cancelled bill payment will automatically be added to the memo field for tracking purposes.
  • FIXED Fixed a number of issues in Bill Pay. Bill Pay will now let you know if a bill payment has to be moved because of a holiday. In addition, Bill Pay will now take the financial institution's last submission time into account when setting a date. Previously this wasn't used and people could set a date that was earlier than the financial institution could handle.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where creating a new scheduled transaction by clicking on the Scheduled checkbox in the date picker would set the starting date 1 month in the future instead of the current date.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the Pay Now menu item didn't work.

Report Improvements & Fixes

  • NEW Added the ability to save a comparison, summary and transaction report as a custom report. This means you can start with an existing report instead of being forced to create a new report from scratch.
  • NEW Added the ability to add the Action column to transaction reports.
  • IMPROVED Quicken will now remember column widths in the transaction report so long memos won't make it difficult to read the report.
  • IMPROVED Transaction drill down works again. The row will highlight and clicking a transaction will pop-up a register window with the transaction selected.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue in the transaction report where split memo items weren't appearing. Now both parent and split memos will appear.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the check# didn't appear in the printed or exported transaction report.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue in the Tax Schedule D report where the gain was sometimes reported incorrectly when the buy and sell occurred on the same day.

Investment Improvements & Fixes

  • NEW Added Opening Price to the Price History dialog.
  • NEW Opening Price is now updated when quotes are downloaded and also imported from a CSV file.
  • IMPROVED Improved the accuracy of the portfolio view graph.
  • IMPROVED Improved IRR calculations. Previously Quicken wouldn't calculate an IRR if you didn't hold the security at the beginning of the period. Now IRR appears as long as you held the security during the period.
  • IMPROVED Previously the Market Value in the top banner of investment accounts was independent of the filter for the portfolio view. Now this number matches the selected accounts and currency for the portfolio view.

General Improvements & Fixes

  • IMPROVED Drastically improved the performance of auto-saving a backup file when quitting Quicken.
  • IMPROVED Improved auto-categorization.
  • IMPROVED Improved the Clear button. On views where there are multiple accounts, the clear button would always appear. Now the Clear button only appears if the default filters are changed.
  • IMPROVED Changed the way the running balance column works in the transaction register. Previously the balance number would be hidden if sorting by any column other than date and CLR. It was also hidden when the transaction list was filtered. We received a number of calls from customers who were confused by it being hidden. The running balance column is calculated and reflects the balance based on the sort order of the transactions when viewing them and is not a static number tied to a particular transaction.
  • IMPROVED Improved the Add Account experience. Quicken will first try to sign-in to your bank account using Direct Connect which is a higher quality method of connecting to your bank. If this fails, then Quicken will automatically fall back to Quicken Connect.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the message "The transaction recorded but is not visible in filtered view" would appear after adding a transaction even though it shouldn't appear.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where an exported QXF file from Mac was failing to import into Quicken Windows with a "Memory Allocation Error".
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the Clean Up Payee preference wasn't working for Quicken Connect accounts.
  • FIXED Fixed a number of the top crashing issues.

5.5.1 Fixes

  • FIXED Fixed a crash that would occur when importing Quicken Essentials files with investments.

5.5.2 Fixes

  • IMPROVED Dramatically improved investment transaction download performance. Thanks to Joe for his patience and pushing us to investigate direct connect and launch performance issues. More to come.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where creating an intra-bank electronic transfer on the weekend popped up a warning message saying the transfer couldn't occur because it was a holiday. This prevented transfers from working properly. Thanks to pauldv172 who was the first to report this.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue in the transaction report where tags on splits didn't appear, print or export. Thanks to RickO and michael1212 for bringing this issue up in the forums.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the tax schedule report wouldn't show the capital gains from security sales in different currencies if there weren't any other tax-related transactions in different currencies. Thanks to Gilles for bringing this to our attention.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where bill pay check numbers were being lost. We fixed a few things around this issue before, but we think we have finally found the root cause and fixed it.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur when launching Quicken if the saved default view was a grouped investment (such as Investing, Brokerage, Retirement or Education) with one of the accounts in that group deleted.

5.5.3 Fixes

  • FIXED Fixed an issue that prevented Quicken Windows investment files from importing properly.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where investment placeholders weren't appearing in the transaction list.

5.5.4 Fixes

  • FIXED Fixed a Quicken 2007 import issue. Linked transfers with a class to investment accounts created orphaned transfers in Quicken 2018. Thanks to JustinS for his great detective work in narrowing down the problem.
  • FIXED Fixed a problem when importing investment transactions via web connect.
  • FIXED Increased the timeout for adding eBills. Some financial institutions like USAA take a bit longer to download bill information so this change allows these bills to complete. Thanks to MikeW who worked tirelessly with us to figure out the right amount of time to wait.
  • FIXED Added Canadian Tax line items to investment categories.
  • FIXED Fixed QIF file import for those moving from other software products.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where transaction downloads would stop working after a customer received a multi-factor authentication screen. Thanks to KristinD, one of our beloved product managers, for finding and reporting this issue.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where sweep accounts were storing Dividend and Reinvested Dividend transactions as Interest. Thanks to RichardK who reported this in the forums.

5.5.5 Fixes

  • FIXED Fixed a performance issue in the investment transaction register. Thanks to EdmundC who first reported this issue. Unfortunately, we thought this was fixed in 5.5.4 but found out the fix never made it in.
  • FIXED Fixed a couple of investment issues around lots. Fixed an issue where some new lot purchases weren't appearing in the Portfolio View. Also fixed an issue where future sales would affect what lots displayed in the Specify Lots dialog of an earlier sale.
  • FIXED Printing scheduled transactions on the Projected Balances view is now enabled.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash when sorting on the Sync ID column.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that appeared to occur when switching to Quicken from another application, opening another file, or even backing up.

5.5.6 Fixes

  • FIXED Fixed an issue where some customers were being asked to enter their Quicken ID every time they tried to update their accounts.

5.5.7 Fixes

  • FIXED Fixed an issue that affected a small number of customers where Quicken would freeze on launch.

Version 5.4.4 (12/2017)

General bug fixes and improvements

  • FIXED Fixed a sync bug where Canadian investment account types were overwritten by Other.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the printed transaction report didn't display the transaction amounts.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the accrued interest category wasn't being set for accrued interest transactions created from a Buy Bond transaction. Thanks to everyone that brought this up in the forums.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the column names in the customize transaction report dialog didn't match what is defined in the register. Thanks to RickO for reporting this in the forums.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the editable areas in an investment or loan register become misaligned from the blue highlight after resizing the columns.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the payments chart legend in a loan couldn't display the Euro and other currency symbols. Thanks to JohnM who reported this in the forums.
  • FIXED Fixed a major Quicken Windows import issue where linked transfer transactions between accounts of different currencies would be imported and the amounts changed because Quicken for Mac doesn't support linked transfers with different values. Now the transactions will be unlinked and the category will be changed to Transfer so that balances remain correct.
  • FIXED Fixed a handful of the top crashing issues.

Version 5.4.0, 5.4.1, 5.4.2, & 5.4.3 (12/2017)

Feature Improvements for All Customers

  • NEW Added the ability to choose columns for the transaction report.
  • NEW Added a total row to the transaction report.
  • NEW Added the ability to Pay Bills and Edit Details using the updated Bills menu in the Bills view.
  • IMPROVED Clicking on an amount in the Summary or Comparison report brings up the new transaction report. This fixes a number of issues with the old report and properly classifies items into Income and Expense vs Money In and Money Out. For now, you can't click on a transaction to go to the register but we'll be adding it back soon.
  • IMPROVED Added the ability to switch from a bond to another account type. Before Bonds couldn't be switched. Thanks to Bob in the forums for making this suggestion.
  • IMPROVED Added the symbol field to the security edit bond screen. In previous versions, the symbol field was hidden. Thanks to TomB for making this request.
  • IMPROVED Clicking on Edit Accounts in Preferences now logs the customer into their account automatically without having to re-enter their credentials.
  • IMPROVED Clicking on a PDF statement in the Bills view now downloads directly to the Download folder and opens in Preview instead of using a browser.
  • IMPROVED Alerts now have improved icons.
  • FIXED The Net Worth balance was restored in the upper right corner of the All Transactions view. Thanks to BruceH for pointing this out in the forums.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue in the new investment transaction view where toolbar buttons were disabled and the default selection didn't always work.
  • FIXED Fixed a data issue when turning off the Single-Mutual Fund feature with cash transfers.
  • FIXED Fixed a bug where balances that were the same between 2 different download sessions wouldn't update the online balance date which could affect Reconcile.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue in the investment combined views of Investing, Retirement and Education where the Cash row didn't always appear at the bottom of the account group. Thanks to JM for reporting this issue.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur when importing a Web Connect file. Thanks to DaveS for testing the fix for us.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash in the assigning lot feature.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur when importing a Quicken Windows file.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur when using a Single Mutual Fund with tags on cash transfers.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur when the Reconcile dialog is open and converting a liability to a loan.

Feature Improvements for New Canadian Members

  • NEW Canadian members will now see Canadian investment accounts such as TFSA, RRSP and RESP instead of US account types. This will not be available to Canadian customers with a US membership now but the plan is to make this available soon.
  • NEW Features that aren't available for Canadian customers such as Bill Pay and Bill Presentment are now hidden so Canadian customers with a Canadian membership won't have to deal with features they can't use.
  • COMING SOON We are still working on getting Canadian categories and tax line items added to the product but they will be coming soon. The Tax Report has been removed for now.
  • IMPROVED Budgets now default to the home currency.

Version 5.4.1

  • FIXED Fixed a crash that a number of people hit while trying to download transactions.
  • FIXED Fixed an asset sync error.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where securities in the Group by Security view would always display their lots. They should appear collapsed.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where clicking on a lot would display the Security pop-up. It should only work on the Security name.

Version 5.4.2

  • FIXED Fixed a crash that occurred when moving the mouse over the first column in an empty portfolio view. This would occur most often in the Realized Gain view.

Version 5.4.3

  • FIXED Fixed an issue where customers receiving a required password change request from their financial institution couldn't change their password because the password field was disabled.

Version 5.3.0, 5.3.1, & 5.3.2 (11/2017)

Version 5.3.2

  • FIXED Found an issue when turning off the Single Mutual Fund feature in an account where there are linked transfers. We'll be temporarily blocking the ability to turn off the feature as we work on a permanent fix.

Version 5.3.1

  • FIXED Fixed an issue where opening the reconcile dialog would cause the Balance column to disappear in the account register.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that occurred when opening the reconcile dialog under narrow conditions. Thanks to RexK who reported the issue and helped us test the fix.
  • FIXED Fixed a Quicken Windows import crash that would occur if there was a loan transaction that only had a single transaction split. Quicken Mac was expecting 2 splits.

Version 5.3.0

  • NEW Added a new Edit Details menu item to the Bills & Income menu where you can quickly edit the details of a bill.
  • NEW Clicking on a security name in the Portfolio View now pops up a menu. The menu displays the security symbol and 2 buttons. One goes to Edit Security and the second goes to a web page that provides detailed information about the security.
  • IMPROVED The chart in investment portfolio view now has a smoother line.
  • IMPROVED Improved Bills & Income so that Credit Card bills that are set up as linked transfers appear only in the Bills list once and doesn't appear under Income.
  • IMPROVED The portfolio view chart now recognizes when the user picks an As-of-Date that is before any money was invested in the account. In this case, Quicken will tell the user that there isn't any data to graph for the as-of-date selected.
  • FIXED Fixed a bug where the Print menu item was grayed out when looking at the investment transaction view.
  • FIXED The chart in portfolio view can be resized or hidden but unfortunately the height of the charts wasn't remembered. This is now fixed.
  • FIXED Fixed some rounding error issues in investment transactions that would cause bogus placeholders to appear.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where changing the sort order for some columns in the portfolio view would move the total row around. It should always remain at the bottom of the list.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the Day Open column in Portfolio View only returned 0.
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where account selection in Projected Balances view would affect other views such as All Accounts.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that would occur when selecting investment accounts that only had a placeholder without any real transactions.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that would occur when hovering over the cash flow chart under Projected Balances view in an account with a zero balance.

Version 5.2.2 (11/2017)

  • FIXED Fixed an issue where 2017 files stored in a location such as Documents wouldn't be automatically found after upgrading and instead Quicken would offer to open an old 2016 or 2015 file. If one didn't notice this, it could result in opening an old file giving the impression that data was lost. This doesn't happen if the file was stored in the default Quicken location under Library/Application Support.
  • FIXED Fixed one of the top crashing issues that could occur when switching from an investment account to another account and running on macOS El Capitan 10.11.

Version 5.2.1

  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur after upgrading if there were Add Share investment transactions without a security.
  • FIXED Fixed a crash that could occur if there was a downloaded transaction that auto-matched a scheduled transfer with multiple split lines in another account. Thanks to David McB for his help on this elusive crash.

Version 5.2.0

  • General bug and stability fixes.

Version 5.1.1 (Pre-Release)

  • General bug and stability fixes.

Version 5.0.0 & 5.1.0 (Pre-Release)

What’s new in Quicken 2018?

  • NEW Bill Presentment: Automatically link online bills to see the current due date and amount due
  • NEW Customizable investment portfolio view with performance (IRR) tracking
  • NEW Explicit lot assignment
  • NEW Improved support for Single Mutual Fund (SMF) and 401k/403b accounts.
  • NEW Loan What If Analysis
  • NEW Multiple currency and conversion on sidebar and transfers
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