Sync your Quicken reminders with Outlook

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You can easily transfer the next 90 days of Quicken reminders to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar. This lets you see your upcoming bills and income without starting Quicken--for example, on a cell phone or other device that has access to your Outlook Calendar.

  • To transfer your reminders to Outlook
    1. If necessary, create your bill or income reminders.

    2. For a reminder that you want to sync to Outlook, be sure to select Sync to Outlook in the Optional Settings area for the reminder. If you didn't do this when you first created the reminder, you can edit the reminder and select this option at any time.

    3.Choose Tools menu > One Step Update, and select Sync to Outlook in the list.

    4.Click Update Now to send your reminders to Outlook. You'll receive a confirmation message when the transfer completes.

    • Is there another way to do this?
      Yes. Instead of using One Step Update to send your reminders to Outlook, you can click the Sync to Outlook button on the Bills > Upcoming tab.

      Note: The Sync to Outlook button appears on the Bills > Upcoming tab only if you have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer, and you've selected Sync to Outlook in the Optional Settings for at least one reminder.
  • To view and work with reminders in Outlook
    • Quicken reminders display as "All-day" events in Outlook. In the desktop version of Outlook, you'll find them at the top of the hourly list of events for a date. 

    • If you want to view all of your Quicken reminders in a single list, switch to the "Category" view in your the Outlook Calendar. After you do so, you'll find your reminders listed under the "Quicken Bill Reminder" category.

    • If you delete or change a reminder in Quicken, that reminder will be deleted or changed in Outlook the next time you do a One Step Update.

    • If you delete or change a reminder in Outlook, that reminder will be replaced in Outlook the next time you do a One Step Update. Because of this, always make changes to your reminders in Quicken. Otherwise, you will lose any changes you make in Outlook the next time you sync.

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Sync to Outlook requires a 32-bit version of Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010. A 64-bit version of Outlook will not work. To find out which version of Outlook you're using, start Outlook and then choose Help > About Outlook.

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