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The tax schedule line items Quicken uses include these forms and schedules:


  • 1099-G - Used to report certain government payments from federal, state, or local governments.
  • 1099-Misc - Used to report miscellaneous income received and direct sales of consumer goods for resale.
  • 1099-R - Used to report taxable and nontaxable retirement distributions from retirement, pension, profit-sharing, or annuity plans. Use a separate Form 1099-R for each payer.
  • 10999-MSA - Used to report medical savings account distributions.
  • Form 1040 - The main form of your tax return.
  • Form 2106 - Used to deduct unreimbursed employee business expenses. You must file this form if you were not reimbursed by your employer for job-related travel, transportation, meal, or entertainment expenses. Use a separate Form 2106 for your spouse's expenses.
  • Form 2441 - Used to claim a credit for child and dependent care expenses.
  • Form 3903 - Used to claim moving expenses.
  • Form 4137 - Used to compute Social Security and Medicare tax owed on tips you did not report to your employer.
  • Form 4835 - Used to report farm rental income received as a share of crops or livestock produced by your tenant if you did not materially participate in the operation or management of the farm. Use a different copy of Form 4835 for each farm rented.
  • Form 4952 - Used to compute the amount of investment interest expense deductible for the current year and the amount, if any, to carry forward to future years.
  • Form 6252 - Used to report income from an installment sale (in other words, casual sales of real or personal property when you will receive any payments in a tax year after the year of sale).
  • Form 8815 - Used to compute the amount of interest you may exclude if you cashed series EE U.S. savings bonds this year that were issued after 1989 to pay for qualified higher education costs.
  • Form 8829 - Used only if you file a Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business, and you meet specific requirements to deduct expenses for the business use of your home. IRS rules are stringent for this deduction. Refer to IRS Publication 587.
  • Form 8839 - Used to report qualified adoption expenses.


  • Schedule A - Used to report your itemized deductions.
  • Schedule B - Used to report your interest and dividend income.
  • Schedule C - Used to report income from self-employment. Use a separate Schedule C to report income and expenses from different businesses.
  • Schedule D - Used to report gains and losses from the sale of capital assets. If you received capital gain dividends, use the capital gain dividend category found on Schedule B.
  • Schedule E - Used to report income or loss from rental real estate, royalties, and residual interest in REMICs. Use a different copy for each rental or royalty. Use the Schedule K-1 categories for partnership rental income and loss amounts.
  • Schedule F - Used to report farm income and expense. Use a different copy of Schedule F for each farm you own.
  • Schedule H - Used to report federal employment taxes on cash wages paid this year to household employees. Federal employment taxes include Social Security, Medicare, withheld federal income, and federal unemployment (FUTA) taxes.
  • Schedule K-1 - Used to report your share of a partnership's income, credits, deductions, and so on. Use a separate copy of Schedule K-1 for each partnership.
  • W2 - Used by your employer to report the amount of wages and other compensation you earned as an employee, and the amount of federal and state taxes withheld and fringe benefits received. You should use a separate copy of Form W2 for each employer.
  • W-2G - Used to report certain gambling winnings.
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