Transactions Missing From Reports and Graphs

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The most common reason transactions are missing from reports or graphs is that the reports or graphs are not properly customized. When you customize a report or graph, you can specify the transactions you want to include, the date range that includes those transactions, and the accounts that you want to include. If you are missing transactions on the profit and loss statement use this article: P&L Statement Missing Personal Category.

  1. Create the report or graph that you want to see.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click Customize.
  3. In the Date Range fields, select a date range that includes the transactions you want.
  4. Click the Accounts tab.
  5. Under Select Account Group on the left, select All Accounts.
  6. In the Account list, select each account you want to include in the report or graph.
    Note: If the account you want is not listed, select the Show (hidden accounts) check box at the bottom of the tab. Quicken adds the accounts hidden in the Quicken Account List to the list of available accounts in this tab, and includes a green check mark next to the account name.
  7. If you are using the Matching fields on the Categories, or Payees tabs, verify that the transactions that you want meet the criteria specified in the Payee, Category, and Memo fields. If you are unsure, delete the information in these fields.
  8. If the transaction you want is a transfer transaction, click the Advanced tab, and, in the Transfers field, select Include all.
  9. Click OK.
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