Troubleshooting data file problems in Quicken for Mac 2007

General file maintenance might be necessary if you experience system errors or if your computer locks up while using Quicken for Mac. Not properly shutting your computer down when Quicken is running can also cause data file problems.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Categories and numbers are not associated with the correct transactions or accounts in reports.
  • Categories/classes are missing from your Categories & Transfers list.
  • You are unable to assign a Category to an item in a split transaction.
  • You are unable to open a backup of your data file.
  • Your reconciliation is off in a previously reconciled statement and you have not made changes to previously reconciled transactions.
  • Duplication or "Unknown" items are listed in the Payee column of the QuickFill Transactions list.
  • You receive errors when performing a Save a Copy.

then follow the file maintenance steps below.

File maintenance

First, reindex your Quicken data file, then create a new copy of it using the Save a Copy feature:

  1. Open the data file in Quicken.
  2. Open the Accounts window, and then press the COMMAND, OPTION, and B keys on the keyboard simultaneously to reindex your file.
  3. Once the file has reindexed, select the File menu select Save a Copy.
    Troubleshooting data file problems in Quicken for Mac 2007Note: This may remove transactions from the Download Transactions window. If you have transactions in Download Transactions window, you should accept any new or non-matching transactions prior to performing a Save a Copy.

    When saving the copy, you may want to give the copy a new name and save it to the desktop.

  4. After the Save a Copy is complete, select the Quicken File menu and select Open File.
  5. In the Open window, select the data file that you just created with the Save a Copy feature.
  6. Verify that any problems you were experiencing are resolved in this new file, and then continue using this new copy as your data file.

Should Quicken unexpectedly quit when saving a copy, reindex the file, close Quicken, then reopen it again.

If you are still experiencing problems with your data file in the new copy, you should create a new file by exporting your information to a QIF file and then importing the QIF file into a new file.

Exporting your data to a QIF file:

  1. Open the data file from which you want to export the data.
  2. Select the Quicken File menu and select Export.
  3. Select the Full Export option.
  4. Click Export to create the QIF file.
  5. Name the file export.qif.

Importing the QIF file into a new data file:

  1. Select the Quicken File menu and select New file.
  2. Enter a name for the new file, and then click Save.
  3. When prompted to create a new account, click Cancel.
  4. Select the File menu and select Import QIF.
  5. In the Open File window, select the export.qif file.
  6. Check the new file to ensure the problems you were experiencing are resolved.
  7. If the problems are resolved, continue using this new file as your data file.
Troubleshooting data file problems in Quicken for Mac 2007Note: Some information may be missing from the export/import process. In the new data file, you may have to recreate scheduled transactions, QuickFill transactions, loan setups, online account setups, online payee lists (Quicken 98 only), memorized reports, security price histories, etc.

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