Troubleshooting Reports

Reports in Quicken can be as simple or as complex as your data, and can return unexpected results. This article is intended as a general guide for determining what may be happening with these reports.

Reports are created by the data in your Quicken file, specific to your accounts, your Payees & Categories and your transactions. All reports in Quicken can be customized to display data you prefer, and they can be Saved to create an "instant" report without repeating your customization.

The Customize and Save options can tailor your reports, and they can also create challenges in understanding why your report doesn't look like you expect. This is especially true if your file gets upgraded through various product versions over the years, where features are changed or added/removed and your Saved customized report relies on code that is no longer used in the current version of the program.

When the report that you're reviewing is a Saved report, the first, best troubleshooting step is to see what a Quicken Standard report displays for the same basic criteria - Banking, Investing, Spending, etc. - without any of your previous customization. Once you've confirmed that a standard report displays the data available in your file, you can begin adding your customization settings to see if that standard report continues to properly display the data.

If a newly customized report presents you with the desired results, you can Save this newly created report to replace the older Saved report.

What if the Quicken standard report, uncustomized, doesn't show the data I expect?

  1. Confirm the Date Range, Accounts/Categories/Payees selected encompass the transactions you're expecting on your report. The default settings for the standard reports is to include All where possible, and typically uses Current Year To Date.
    • Try Include All Dates, if you're missing transactions
  2. Confirm the report selected is appropriate for the account/data you're expecting. Investment transactions should not be expected to appear on most Banking reports, for example.
  3. Verify that the Quicken file is not experiencing any data quality issues
    • Quicken Windows files can take advantage of the Validate & Repair option, to see if there's a problem reported with the data. Go to File > File Operations > Validate & Repair > Validate File.
    • Quicken products for our Mac users can test the data by exporting to QXF, then importing that data into a new file to see if the reports return the same results. Go to File > Export > To QXF.
    • If the problem appears to be limited to one or two transactions, and you've taken all measures to ensure there's no reason for them to not appear on the report for all dates/all accounts/all categories/all payees, the fastest solution is to delete then manually re-type those few transactions to see if they now appear where expected.

What if the standard report shows the expected data, but Customize "loses" that same data?

If you're customizing the report and the expected transactions no longer appear, where they did before you customized, check the customization still includes the transaction details in the Customize criteria:

  1. Is the Date Range including the date(s) of the missing transaction(s)?
  2. Is the Selected Account(s) including the account(s) where the missing transaction(s) appear(s)?
  3. Do the missing transactions have a common theme (same Payee, Category, Date, Memo, etc.)?
  4. If you delete, then re-key one of the missing transactions using the exact same information the original entry displayed, does it now show up on the report?

What if the report displays properly on my screen, but Print looks completely different?

Depending on the report type, and the "source" of the Print command you're using, there may be an issue with the printed report:

  1. Try using a different "source" for the Print command.
    • If you're using Ctrl + P (Quicken Windows) or Command + P (Quicken on Mac), try using File > Print or the Print icon at the top of the report
  2. Check to see if there's a "known issue" posted on the Quicken Support site or Quicken Live Community
    • Check View All Announcements, and the FAQs tab before entering a Question, to see if we have posted a topic on your specific printing issue


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