Unable to Verify Identity

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This message is displayed when Equifax is not able to verify the information that you have entered. The info you have provided does not match what their servers expect.

A possible cause of this is you may have moved within the past 6 months. If this is the case use your old address, as the new address will not reflect to your credit score yet.

If all the questions are correct, and you're sure that you are answering properly, then the information held at Equifax may be incorrect. You may need to contact Equifax to resolve this. You can also try using this same information with the other credit reporting agencies to confirm the information you're providing is correct.

Quicken Support cannot assist with this specific message, as we have no access to Equifax (or any other credit reporting agency) data. This is to protect your sensitive data and ensure your privacy.

To Contact Equifax in writing or by phone:

Equifax Information Services, LLC

P.O. Box 740256

Atlanta, GA 30374


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