Using the Zillow Integration in Quicken for Windows 2017

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Quicken is now integrated with Zillow® - a home valuation tool. With this feature, you can know the latest estimated market value of your house (Zestimate® value), any time you want – all from within Quicken!

Note: The Zillow Zestimate feature is only available in the Premier, Home & Business and Rental Property Manager versions of Quicken. This feature is not available in the Starter Edition or Deluxe versions of Quicken.


Get the estimated current value of your home

Go to Edit > Preferences > Startup.

1. When adding a house account, enter the purchase date and price.

Note: A house type of asset is required to get the Zillow option.

2. Select Get an Estimate from Zillow and click Get Zestimate®.


Note: You also have the option to enter the estimated value of your choice by selecting Enter Estimate.

3. Enter the house address and click Next.

4. If multiple address options are displayed, select the exact address and click Next.

5. Quicken displays the Zestimate® (the current estimated value) of your property.

6. If you want to accept this estimated value, click Update your property value. The adjustment amount displayed below will be entered in your account register.

7. Click Next and proceed with adding the house account.

8. To check for updates to your house value, simply go to the account register and click the Check for updated value button. The latest value is displayed as a transaction in the account register.


Already added a house account?

Don’t worry! Just go to the house account register and click Get Started. Enter your house address and follow the steps above to get the estimated current value of your house.



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