What if I can't find the Downloaded Transactions tab?

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The Downloaded Transactions tab and the Bill and Income Reminders tab normally appear below your Quicken register when you have downloaded transactions waiting to be accepted or reminders that are due.

If you believe that you should be seeing the Downloaded Transactions tab and you're currently not seeing it, check the following:

  • Make sure that your account has been activated and correctly set up for online account access.
  • Make sure you're viewing the correct account register.
  • If you've set your Downloaded transactions preferences for Automatic Transaction Entry, then Quicken will automatically add downloaded transactions to registers, and the registers won't display the Downloaded Transactions tab.
  • Make sure you haven't customized your register display in a manner that would close or hide the Downloaded Transactions tab.
  • If you use Web Connect to download transactions from your participating financial institution and you saved the downloaded file on your hard drive, make sure you've imported the downloaded file (File menu > File Import > Web Connect File). Alternatively, you can open the file as you're downloading it from your financial institution's website, and Quicken will put the downloaded transactions onto your register's Downloaded Transactions tab.
  • Rule out any display refresh issues. For example, try switching to another account and then back to the one you want to work with, or closing and then restarting Quicken. If you can see the Downloaded Transactions tab but it is empty when you think it should contain transactions, try hiding and then reopening it.



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