What if Quicken can't open my data file when converting my data from a previous version?

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If you receive a "Can't open file" message when converting your data to the current version of Quicken from previous versions, check the following:

  • Make sure that your most recent data file is in the Quicken folder. If your most recent data file is someplace else (for example, in the Quicken/BACKUP folder), Quicken may display the Get Started with Quicken dialog so you can identify the data file you want to use. To keep the Get Started with Quicken dialog from appearing again, copy your most recent data file into the Quicken folder and open it from there.
  • You can run only one instance of Quicken on a single computer at this time. Make sure you have made the necessary modifications to give all users the correct permission to the data file.
  • Make sure your data file isn't from an international version of Quicken (for example, the UK version). You cannot convert international data files to the U.S. version of Quicken.
  • If you're restoring your data from external media such as a CD or USB drive, check the file permission settings.
  • Use the following procedure to make sure there is enough room on your hard disk to convert your Quicken data.
  • In Windows Explorer, navigate to the Quicken folder.
  • Select your Quicken data file.
  • On the status bar at the bottom of the Explorer window, note the size of the selected file.
  • Still in Explorer, select the drive where your Quicken folder is.
  • In the status bar at the bottom of the Explorer window, check the remaining space on that disk. Is the total space available on the drive at least three times the size of your Quicken data file? If not, delete or back up other data until you can free up that much space on your drive. Then try the conversion.

Try using the previous version of Quicken to repair the data file before you convert it.

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