Why Do I Get a Blank "Enter Password" Window?

When attempting to Add or Activate an online account or service, Quicken may present a message "Please enter your passwords. To Continue, enter the password for the following institutions." on what appears to be a blank screen with no place to actually enter the password(s). This is an informational message, not a "provide password here" screen.

This message will be presented when one or more of the following conditions occur:

  • You are attempting to Add or Activate an account held at a financial institution you already have activated in your file but for which you have an outdated/incorrect password stored;
  • You are attempting to Add or Activate a service (such as Quicken Bill Pay) to an account that is currently attempting to connect with an outdated/incorrect password;
  • You mis-typed the confirmation entry of the password during the Add/Activate setup process;
  • You are attempting to Add or Activate a service that you do not yet have enabled at the financial institution;
  • You are attempting to Add or Activate an account or service with Mobile Sync, but have invalid credentials stored in your database.

To resolve this message:

  1. Click OK to the informational screen.
  2. Cancel the Add or Activate process you are currently performing.
  3. Open your Account List, making sure to Show Hidden Accounts.
  4. Confirm you do not have any existing accounts for this financial institution that are Activated for Online Services; Deactivate any that are showing as Activated, to ensure that the next steps succeed.
  5. Choose Add Account and walk through these screens up to but not past the "we found these accounts" screen.
  6. On the "accounts discovered" screen, choose to LINK those found accounts to the accounts you already have listed in your Quicken file.

NOTE: If you are attempting to add Quicken Bill Pay to one of your existing banking accounts with another financial institution, make sure you follow these steps for the financial institution before attempting to complete them for Quicken Bill Pay.

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