Take a Tour of Quicken



Quicken is designed to make your day-to-day tasks as easy as possible. Here's a quick introduction to the controls you'll use most often.

Click the  icon to download new transactions.

Click the  icon (at left) to open the Account List, where you can edit your account names and make other changes.

Click the tabs to access tools and features organized around common financial actiivities.

Click the Account Actions icon  (at right) for a menu of tasks, preferences, and reports related to the account you're working with.

Click the Reminder icon to view reminders for this account in the register, allowing you to see how they affect your account balances.

Click an account name in the Account Bar to open its register.

The Account Bar is a list of the accounts you've added to Quicken.

register is a list of transactions within an account.

Click a transaction in a register to make changes, or click a blank line to enter a new transaction.

Click Add an Account to set up more accounts.

Click Help to connect with other Quicken users in our Live Community forum.