Quicken Love or Money Infographic Hero

Are Love and Money Related?

Money and relationships are two of life’s most important, and sometimes most stressful, pursuits. Quicken’s new study puts hard numbers to big questions. Continue reading
Couple looking at their laptop together

How to Manage Money as a Couple: Home Budgeting That Works

Wondering how to manage money as a couple? Experts offer tips on the best budgeting systems for couples and how to make tough financial decisions together. Continue reading
Quicken Monthly Expenses

20 Average Monthly Expenses to Include in Your Budget

We’ve rounded up 20 typical budget categories and their average costs. Make sure your monthly budget is complete with this expense list from Quicken. Continue reading
Woman looking at her budget

Refining Your Personal Budget As Your Financial Needs Change

A good personal budget should never make you feel stuck. This step-by-step guide will help you update your personal budget as your financial needs change. Continue reading

Holiday Budget Hacks: Plan & Save with This Free Template!

This holiday season, say goodbye to financial stress and overspending. Plan your spending and save up ahead with this free holiday budget template from Quicken! Continue reading
Couple on vacation holding camera

3 Reasons Why Your Vacation Could Blow Your Budget This Summer

Survey Shows Surge in Summer Vacation Planning and Spending Traps to Avoid

Quicken Inc conducted a survey in June 2021 of U.S. adults to understand spending trends for the summer 2021 travel season, following the COVID-19 pandemic Continue reading

4 Steps You Should Take Right Now for Your Post-COVID Budget

Is your personal budget ready for a post-COVID recovery? Take these 4 critical budgeting steps today to prepare your personal finances for a brighter tomorrow. Continue reading
Quicken Annual Budget

How to Make a Budget and Support Your New Year’s Goals

New year, new you—new budget? As a time of reflection, renewal, and goal setting, the new year is a perfect opportunity to start a budget for the first time—or to take a look at your budget with fresh eyes.  Consider what’s worked, what’s changed, and how to make a budget with your annual plan and goals in mind.  How to Make a Budget That Works: Start With Your Goals Some people are spurred to... Continue reading
Quicken Business Budgeting

The Keys to Small Business Expense Tracking

Most small business owners don’t set out to become bookkeepers or accountants, but it’s part of the job when you have to wear all the hats. Whether you’re a part-time consultant, manage rental properties, or are growing a small business, keeping a close watch over your expenses can be important. You can use your records to better understand your business, and they can be a necessity to back up... Continue reading
Quicken Weekly Budget

Why You Need a Weekly Budget

Do you need a weekly budget in addition to your monthly budget? Here are three big benefits to consider.

A monthly budget is an intuitive default—but a weekly budget might be the better option. Not to say you shouldn’t use months to frame your budget. Most bills are due once a month, you might get paid once or twice a month, and budgeting software often starts you out fresh each month. But if your monthly budget is your big-picture strategy, the weekly budget planner is your tactical plan that... Continue reading