Adding the Quicken Credit Card to more than one Quicken Data File

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After adding your Quicken Credit Card to one Quicken data file, you may want to add it to other files you manage.  Because of specific security requirements, Quicken will require that you change your account password each time you add this account to a new data file.  The new password you create will then be the correct password for each of your Quicken Credit Card accounts.


  1. After adding your Quicken Credit Card account to the first data file, open your second data file.
  2. Go through the process of adding your Quicken Credit Card to the second data file.
  3. When prompted to change your password, enter your Quicken Credit Card password from the first data file - not the last four digits of your credit card - and change the password again.
  4. The password on your second file is now the password for the Quicken Credit Card in your second data file and your first data file.

You will need to follow this process for each data file you add the Quicken Credit Card to; the most recent new password will always be the password for all of your Quicken Credit Card accounts in Quicken.

Quicken for Windows users: You will need to update the Quicken Credit Card password in Quicken if you saved it in the Password Vault.  Go to Tools > Password Vault to update the password.

Quicken for Mac users: Keychain will always remember the most recent password, so you do not need to make changes in Quicken to update this password.

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