Capital One Accounts: 106 or 324 Error (Quicken for Windows and Mac)

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Capital One is changing the way it provides data to applications like Quicken, which requires you to reauthorize your Capital One accounts for access.

You may receive an error 106 (Quicken for Windows) or an error 106 or 324 (Quicken for Mac) for a few different reasons:

  • You haven't yet authorized your Capital One accounts for download into Quicken
  • You didn't select all of your Capital One accounts during the authorization process
  • The account type you're trying to add to Quicken is not supported for download by Capital One: Mortgages, Lines of Credit, and Investment accounts from Capital One are no longer supported for download.  To access transactions from these accounts types, please contact Capital One

To fix this error for supported account types:

Simply re-add or authorize your accounts, following the instructions for your product:

Quicken for Windows

Quicken for Mac

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