Configuring Check Numbers

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When manually entering a transaction for a check, clicking Next Check Num in the Check # field will Quickfill the next check number in sequence based on the last check number used.

Configuring Check Numbers

Some things to remember:

  • Quicken will not automatically go based off the highest check number and increase it by one. 
  • This applies to check transactions entered manually and not to checks printed in Quicken.
  • Checks printed in Quicken have their own number sequence.

If the next check number is out of sequence

Sometimes the next check number that is Quickfilled when using this feature may not match the correct next check number. This is typically caused if another check number was entered manually and Quicken is incrementing that number by one for the next number. 

To correct this you simply have to enter the right check number manually and going forward Quicken will Quickfill the next number in sequence based off that number you entered.


Enter the check number manually in the Check # field and complete the transaction entry as usual.

Configuring Check Numbers

Next time you enter a transaction, when you select Next Check Num...

Configuring Check Numbers

...the next check number will Quickfill based on that last number you entered.

Configuring Check Numbers

Online payment check numbers already exist in the register

The Quicken program does not have control over check numbers for online payments. If you are using your financial institution's online bill payment service, please contact that institution to inquire about modifying the automatic check numbers.

If you are using the Quicken Bill Pay service, you can access your account online at and modify the starting check number by editing the appropriate account in the Payment Accounts section.

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