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Learn how to convert your older Quicken data file to work in your newer version of Quicken.

When you open your Quicken data file in a new version of Quicken, your data file is updated to work with the newer program's architecture.  We call this converting your software.  You can also "convert" your data from Quicken for Windows to Quicken for Mac (or vice versa). 

How do I start the conversion process for Quicken 2010 or newer?

After installing the new version, the most recent file from the prior version will automatically convert. A full guide through the process can be found here.

  • If Quicken doesn't find your file automatically -- don't worry -- we can help you find it
  • You can also move Quicken files between computers for those of you who need to move Quicken to a new computer or between your work office and home.
  • If you need your original, unconverted data files, you can find them in the Documents\Quicken\QXXFILES folder. XX equals the last two digits of the Quicken version you used before converting the file. So for Quicken 2015, the subfolder is named \Q15FILES.

I had Quicken 2009 or older. Can I convert directly to my new version of Quicken?

If you are converting from a Quicken 2009 or older, it will be necessary to use an intermediate version (and sometimes two) in order to safely convert your data file. Information can be found here.

I had Quicken for Mac. Now I have Quicken for Windows.

Instructions for importing from Quicken for Mac to Quicken for Windows can be found here.

I had Quicken for Windows. Now I have Quicken for Mac

Instructions for exporting from Quicken for Windows to Quicken for Mac can be found here.

Can I convert from an earlier version of Quicken for Mac to the 2018 release?


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