Correct a Difference in an Account if it Does Not Reconcile

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Every situation is different, so there may be no single solution. If the difference isn't zero, but you don't wish to spend time to resolve it, Quicken can record an adjustment transaction in your register balance to make it agree with the bank's balance. Otherwise, if your opening balance is correct, but you have a difference between your cleared balance and bank ending balance, try a systematic approach. First, make certain that all transactions that have not yet cleared your records are in the register.

If you have a difference in the number of cleared items

You may have:

  • Missed marking an item
  • Forgotten to record a transaction
  • Missed entering a service charge
  • Entered a transaction twice
  • Mistakenly marked an item as cleared
  • Entered a deposit as a payment or a payment as a deposit
  • Entered separate transactions in the register for a single deposit in the account


Your bank may summarize transactions that you've listed separately. For example, if you made several deposits on a single day, the bank might indicate the sum for that day rather than listing each separately. Similarly, you may summarize transactions, such as service charges, that your bank itemizes. Some statements count the number of credits and debits for you; others list interest earned, service charges, and ATM transactions separately.

If you have a difference in the dollar amount

  • You may have recorded a transaction incorrectly. If you recorded a transaction with an incorrect amount, correct the transaction in the register. Select the transaction in the Reconcile Bank Statement window, click the Edit button, correct the transaction, return to the Reconcile Bank Statement window, and continue.
  • If your bank made an error, complete your reconciliation and allow Quicken to adjust the difference. Contact your bank. Your bank will make an adjustment that will appear on your next statement.


When you receive your next statement, this adjustment will already be in your register as a cleared item. Therefore, next month's reconciliation will be off by the same amount. Allow Quicken to make the adjustment when you're done reconciling.

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