Error When Updating Accounts: CC-502

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Before you begin

When receiving a CC-502 error, we recommend to first check the Quicken Community for alerts on widespread issues.  We also recommend that you do not deactivate and reactivate your account(s) to troubleshoot this specific issue, as it could lead to other issues. 

To resolve this issue

First, confirm you're on the latest Quicken release​ 

You can check for updates by going to Help > Check for Updates. If there are no updates available, a confirmation prompt will appear advising you that you are on the latest release.

Second, wait one business day then refresh your online account information

This error message is typically caused by maintenance on your bank's website.  You can try updating again in a few hours or the next business day.  If the issue still occurs after one business day, the steps below should resolve your issue.

  1. Open the transaction register for the account with the error message.
  2. Click the Gear Icon on the upper right of the register, and select Update Now.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.
  4. Repeat these steps for each account with this error.

If the steps above didn't resolve the issue

The cause could be that the bank account login password uses special characters that interfere with Quicken's ability to download transactions. These special characters can be (but are not limited to) the ampersand (&), left carat (<), right carat (>), backslash (\), and forward slash (/). 

Note: These steps are only for accounts set up for Express Web Connect. The steps will not work for accounts connected via Direct Connect or Web Connect.

  1. Log in to your bank's website.
  2. Change your password to use characters other than special characters (such as &, <, >, \, or /). 
  3. Launch Quicken and go to Tools > Password Vault > Add/Edit Passwords.
  4. Click on the account in the Password Vault.
  5. Choose Change Password for the account.
  6. Enter the same password you just used to log into the bank's website, and click Change, then Done.
  7. Select Tools One Step Update to confirm that the error is resolved.

Important: Having these characters in the password can also prevent you from activating an account for Express Web Connect in Quicken. You will need to change your password with your bank to use characters other than these five special characters.

If the issue persists

If your password does not contain any of these five special characters, OR if this error persists after correcting the password, please Contact Us so we can help fix this issue.


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