Export and Import Quicken Data

The benefit of exporting and importing data in Quicken provides you the capability to transfer account information, as well as preserving the data for backup. You can exchange data files between Quicken applications, from third-party personal financial software applications, and import data files downloaded from financial institution web sites.

The types of data that can be exported from Quicken are

  1. QIF File
  2. Quicken Transfer Format (.QXF) File
  3. Export TurboTax tax schedule report
  4. Export TurboTax capital gains report
  5. Addresses
  6. Reports to Excel or PDF

To export data from Quicken, select the File menu, and select File Export.

The types of data that can be imported into Quicken are

  1. Web Connect file (*.QFX)
  2. QIF File
  3. Quicken Transfer format (.QXF) File
  4. Addresses
  5. Import security prices from CSV file
  6. Turbo Tax file
  7. Rental Property Manager version 2 Data
  8. Microsoft Money file

To import data into Quicken, select the File menu, and select File Import then select the type of file you wish to import.

Note: If you are experiencing problems with importing or exporting data files and believe that they might be damaged, go here: