How to cancel membership auto-renewal

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Your Quicken membership is set to auto-renew when it expires, so you don't experience any disruption in your Quicken services.  If you prefer to cancel your auto-renewal, follow the steps below.

Canadian Users: Before proceeding with the steps below, make sure you are on the Quicken Canada website.  You can confirm you are on the correct website by checking the upper left corner of the page for the Canada icon How to cancel membership auto-renewal.  You can also access it here


  1. Go to the Quicken My Account page.
  2. Enter your Quicken ID and password to sign into your Quicken account.
  3. In the My Account page, scroll down to the Plan Details section and click Turn off auto-renew.

How to cancel membership auto-renewal
If you do not see the subscription information when trying to turn off auto-renew, wait 24 hours and sign back into your account and try again.

  1. On the confirmation prompt, click Close Window.

How to cancel membership auto-renewal

If you decide to turn auto-renewal back on, you can do this in the same Plan Details section by clicking Turn on auto-renew.

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