How To Delete a Repeating Online Payment

Instructions for repeating online payments are stored both in your Quicken data file and on your financial institution's server. Once you delete a payment from Quicken, you need to send an update to the institution with instructions to remove the repeating payments from their server. If you delete the payment instructions from the institution's Web site before removing them from Quicken, an update will be required to remove the payment instructions from Quicken.      

You can cancel one payment in a series of repeating online payments or all pending and future payments for a repeating online payment instruction.

To delete repeating online payments:

  1. On your keyboard, hold down Ctrl+J to open the Bill and Income Reminders window.
  2. Click the Repeating Online tab, select the payment to delete, and then click Delete.
  3. After selecting all the repeating payments to delete, click on the One Step Update button to send the cancellation instructions.

If you receive an error when you delete the payments, information about what to do if Quicken won't let you delete a repeating online payment  is available on the support site.

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