How do I unlock additional features in Quicken Subscription?

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What does it mean to "Unlock Additional Features" in Quicken?

When you unlock additional features in your Quicken program, you're purchasing a higher tiered version of Quicken. This adds more features without having to pay the full price for a separate copy of Quicken.

Note: This option applies only to the Subscription Release of Quicken

  • If you have Quicken Starter, you can go to Quicken DeluxePremier, or Home & Business.
  • If you have Quicken Deluxe, you can go to Quicken Premier, or Home & Business.
  • If you have Quicken Premier, you can go to Quicken Home & Business.

How do I add new features to Quicken?

Your options to add new features in Quicken will depend on which product edition you are currently using.

  1. Choose Help menu, then select which features you would like to add to your current product.
    How do I unlock additional features in Quicken Subscription?

      As an example, the options above can be seen using Starter Edition. For every higher tier you have, the less remaining options there will be.

      1. If you choose Add Retirement & Other Planning Tools, you'll get the Quicken Deluxe edition.
      2. If you choose Add More Investing & Tax Tools, you'll get the Quicken Premier edition.
      3. If you choose Add Home & Business/Rental Property Tools, you'll get the Quicken Home & Business edition.
    • Review the information about the features you want to add.
    • Click Add To Cart and proceed with the order process.
    • You may be prompted to sign in during the process. Use the same Quicken ID you use to sign in to Quicken with.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to submit your order for the new features.

      I bought a new computer and need to install Quicken again.

      You will need to go to to install Quicken again. If you need detailed instructions, click here.

      What if I need help with the username and/or password I use on

      If you cannot remember your Quicken ID or the password, select I forgot my Quicken ID or password. You can also find help here.

      Additional Information

      • You can also upgrade your Quicken Subscription tier on the Plans & Pricing page on our website.
      • You need administrator rights on your computer to upgrade Quicken. If you need additional assistance, refer to the manufacturer's instructions for the operating system.
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