How do I Create budget reports and graphs

To use budget reports and graphs, you must first categorize your transactions and create a budget.

  • About budget reports and graphs
    Quicken provides two types of budget reports: a Current Budget report and an Historical Budget report. Although both reports compare the money you spend and receive during a specific date range with the amounts you've budgeted for that date range, there are slight differences between them.
    Current Budget report Historical Budget report
    Calculates the difference between actual and budgeted amounts for each line item using currently assigned values for the budget amounts. Calculates the difference between the actual and budgeted amounts for each line item using historically assigned values for the budget amounts.
    Reports on any past date range Reports on only the years for which the selected budget exists

To create a budget report and graph

1.Click the Planning tab.

2.Click the Budgets button.

3.Click Budget Actions > Budget Reports, and then choose Current Budget or Historical Budget.


  • How do I display a report for a different budget?
    Quicken displays a report and graph of your currently displayed budget by default. If you want to view a report and graph of another budget, after you create the report, click the Budget drop-down menu at the top of the report window, then select the budget you want to create the report or graph for.

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