Message When Using Online Services: OL-332

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An OL-332 or OL-330 occurs when an incorrect customer ID or password is entered in Quicken.


Many financial institutions lock your account if an incorrect customer ID or password is entered multiple times. This help prevents unauthorized access to your financial information.  You'll want to read this entire article prior to troubleshooting to reduce the risk of being locked out of your account. If you are locked, you'll want to contact your financial institution.  They can reset your credentials -- Quicken can't.

Verify your PIN

Make sure the password you entered is correct. Some banks have special requirements for the Quicken password including case-sensitivity, minimum length, or a mix of letters and numbers. Your password could be different from the one you use on the online banking web site. Be sure to re-enter your password carefully.

Note: If you are setting up online services (such as transaction download) for this account there may be additional information displayed in the dialog where you enter your Customer ID and PIN that may tell you what should be entered.

Tip: Typing your user name/customer ID and password/PIN into a text application, such as Notepad, Windows WordPad, or other text/word application, is a "fool-proof" way of confirming you don't have typographical errors in these fields.  The "confirmed" name/password can then be copied (Ctrl + C) and pasted (Ctrl + V) into the appropriate fields in Quicken.

Verify your Customer ID

  1. Select the Tools Menu > Account List.
  2. Select the account and click Edit.
  3. Verify that the Customer ID displayed under the General Information Tab is correct.
  4. If the Customer ID is correct, then also review the financial institution name and account information (such as the account and routing number).

Check the Password Vault

If you use the Password Vault it may have stored an incorrect password.

  1. From the Quicken Tools menu, choose One Step Update
  2. At the Password Vault Password dialog click Cancel.
  3. Enter the password information manually for this financial institution
  4. If you connect successfully, then select Online menu > Password Vault > Edit.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to correct the password stored for this financial institution

If you believe that the Customer ID and password are correct, please contact the financial institution for further assistance.

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