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If accounts or transactions are missing from your report in Quicken for Windows, click Customize in the report window and then check for the following:

  • On the Accounts tab, make sure that Show Hidden Accounts is selected.
  • On the Accounts, Categories, and Tags tabs, verify that accounts, tags, and classes have been selected for the missing transactions.
  • Verify that the report dates encompass the effective dates of the missing transactions.
  • On the Advanced tab, make sure that all amounts, transaction types, transfers, and Status options have been selected.
  • On the Categories and Tags tabs, verify that all Matching fields are blank.
  • For investment reports, make sure that all appropriate items have been included on the Securities, Actions, Security Types, and Investment Goals tabs. Also make sure that Include Unrealized Gains (if available) has been selected on the Advanced tab.
  • For tax reports:
    1. Click Cancel to close the report customization window, and then minimize the report.
    2. Choose Category List from the Quicken Tools menu.
    3. Look for categories that have a checkmark in the Tax column along with a blank Tax Line Item field. If you find such a category, select it and click Edit.
    4. Select a Tax Line Item from the drop-down list and click OK.
    5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until all categories with a checkmark in the Tax column have a tax line item assigned to them.

If information is still missing from the report after checking all of the above, check for data file damage:

  1. Delete a transaction that is missing from the report from the appropriate account register.
  2. Reenter the transaction, and then run the report again.
  3. If the transaction is still missing from the report, follow the troubleshooting steps to correct data file damage.
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