I'm missing some transactions or there are no new transactions when downloading from my bank

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When you download transactions from your bank, you can see transactions on your bank's website that aren't in Quicken. 

If this issue only happens once, you should first eliminate one of these as the cause: 

  • Are the transactions still marked as pending when you look at your bank's website?  Some banks do not allow transactions to download until the transaction has cleared the bank.
  • Was the missing transaction incorrectly matched to another transaction in the register?  This is common with repeating payments made to the same payee for the same amount.
  • Have you recently deleted any transactions, either from the account register or the Compare to Register view?
  • Did you accidentally move the transaction from one account register to another?
  • Are you expecting to find the transaction in one account, when it belongs to another (ex: looking in the Checking account for a Savings account transaction)?
  • Did you accept the downloaded transaction(s), then restore an older backup file?

You can resolve these issues easily by adding the missing transactions manually to your account, or by waiting for the pending transactions to clear your bank. 


If this issue occurs frequently, try these two steps:

First, confirm how your bank creates your transactions:

Some banks only allow downloads to Quicken after the statement closing date. In this case, transactions that occur after your last full statement won't download into Quicken.

To confirm this: 

  1. Go to your bank's website and log in.
  2. Go the page where you can download transactions (usually your transaction history).
  3. Attempt to download your transactions to a Quicken file.
  4. If there is no option to select the date range for your download, you'll only be able to download transactions from your most recent statement.

If you are able to select a date range, continue with the troubleshooting steps below.

Second, check for Quicken product updates:

Make sure you are on the latest release of Quicken.

  1. Select Tools menu, then choose One Step Update.
  2. Select your account(s) then click on Update Now. 

If you needed to update to the latest patch release, check your register to see if the missing transactions have appeared, if not, continue with the troubleshooting steps below.


Finally, if the issue is still not resolved, do the following steps in order:

  1. Check your Quicken Preferences to ensure the transactions are not being auto-accepted into the register: Edit > Preferences > Downloaded Transactions.
  2. Check the Sort Order in your account. If the Sort Order is set to something other than by Date, it's possible the transactions were there but not where you thought they should be. Resetting to the default sort of Date by clicking the Date column should make it easier to see those transactions.
  3. Make sure you're not filtering your account register to ensure you're not missing the transactions simply because they fall outside the filter settings selected. Click the Reset button at the top of the register.
  4. Confirm the transactions haven't been renamed unexpectedly.  Adding the Downloaded Payee column to the register allows you to search by Payee in order to determine if there was a problem with Renaming/Auto-Categorization.  In the register, go to Actions (Gear Icon) > Register Columns > Check Downloaded Payee.
  5. Look for Hidden or new/unexpected account registers, to see if the transactions were added to a different register, go to Tools > Account List and check Show Hidden Accounts.
  6. Refresh your account: go to Tools > Account List  and click Edit next to the affected account.  On the Online Services tab, select Reset Account.

What do I do if the above steps did not work?

If the above steps didn't work and this is a one-time, not reoccurring issue, the best option is to manually enter your missing transactions. If the above steps didn't work and this is not a one-time event, who to contact depends on how the account is connected:

  • Direct Connect activated accounts, including all Investing accounts, get their data directly from the bank. Only the Online Banking Support for the bank/credit union or broker can determine why they are not transmitting the expected data. Quicken Support does not have access to the bank servers necessary to confirm the account data against the data transmission they're sending.
    • To find the contact information for your bank, go to Tools > Online Center (Quicken Windows) or Settings > Assist Me (Quicken Mac) for the account and FI in question.
  • Express Web Connect (Quicken Windows) or Quicken Connect (Quicken Mac) get their data through Quickens aggregation service, so only Quicken Support can assist with this issue.


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