I'm Missing Some Transactions or New Transactions Did Not Download From My Bank (Quicken for Windows)

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When you download transactions from your bank, you may see transactions on their website that aren't in Quicken. 

If this is the first time this has happened

Review this list of reasons; if the issue has only happened once, one of the situations below is the likely cause: 

  1. Has the sort order been changed in the register? Confirm that the Sort Order in your account is by Date; just click the top of the Date column in your account register.  It's possible the transactions are in your register, but not where you thought they should be.
    I'm Missing Some Transactions or New Transactions Did Not Download From My Bank (Quicken for Windows)
  2. Are these missing transactions over 90 days old?  Most banks have a limit (usually 90 days) on transaction download.  If you need transaction history older than what the download contains, many banks will make this available on their website via Web Connect.  To use Web Connect, you can find information here, or contact your bank.
  3. Are these transactions still marked as "pending" on your bank's website?  Pending transactions have been authorized by your bank but not cleared and paid from your account yet. Most banks don't allow transactions to download until the transaction clears the bank.
  4. Are you using Web Connect (logging in to your bank's website to manually download transactions into Quicken)?  Some banks only allow downloads to Quicken after the statement closing date, meaning that you won't see new transactions in Quicken until the statement closes.  If you can't select a date range when you try to download from your bank, it means that you're only able to download new transactions after the statement closing date.
  5. Was the missing transaction incorrectly matched to another transaction in the register?  This is common with repeating payments made to the same payee for the same amount.
  6. Have any transactions been deleted recently? Transactions won't download again after being deleted.  If a transaction was deleted in error, you can re-enter it manually (if there's a large group of deleted transactions, it may also be easier to restore a backup).
  7. Was the transaction moved from one account register to another? Click on All Transactions in your account bar and search for the missing transaction.  If you find the transactions in an incorrect account, you can move the transactions to the correct account: just select the transaction(s), right-click, and select Move transaction(s).  Select the correct account and click OK
  8. Was an older backup restored after you accepted the downloaded transaction(s)? The backup file will restore account information up to the date it was created, which may be before the missing transactions were downloaded.

If this issue occurs frequently

First, if the issue is still not resolved, do the following steps in order:

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Downloaded Transactions.  The option Automatically add to banking registers needs to be unchecked. 
  2. Confirm that the Sort Order in your account is by Date; just click the top of the Date column in your account register.  It's possible the transactions are in your register, but not where you thought they should be. 
  3. Click the Reset button at the top of the register, to confirm that there's no filtering in your account register. 
  4. Go to Actions (Gear Icon) > Register Columns > Check Downloaded Payee in the account register.  This allows you to search by Payee to confirm the transactions haven't been renamed unexpectedly.  
  5. Go to Tools > Account List and check Show Hidden Accounts at the bottom left to confirm the missing transactions haven't been added to a hidden account. 
  6. Go to Tools > Account List and click Edit next to the affected account(s).  On the Online Services tab, select Reset Account.

If the above steps didn't work:

If the issue isn't resolved and this is not a one-time event, you'll need to contact either Quicken Support, or your bank's support. To determine which to contact:

  1. Go to Tools > Account List and verify the connection method for your bank under the Transaction Download column.
  2. If the account is Direct Connect, you'll need to contact your bank for help.  Go to Tools > Online Center, find your bank, and click Contact Info.
  3. If the account is Express Web Connect, please Contact Quicken Support to resolve the issue.


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