How to Backup or Restore Your Quicken Data

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When you backup of your Quicken data, you preserve your financial information, including reports, passwords, accounts, and attachments, as a way to safeguard your records in case of computer failure or as a means of moving your data from one computer to another.

Backup Quicken for Windows

  1. Select File > Backup and Restore > Backup Quicken File...
  2.  You'll have two options for backing up your data: you can backup to your computer or an external drive (like a USB thumb drive), or, you can sign up for Quicken Online Backup.  
  3. To help identify your latest backup, you can put a check next to Add date to backup file name.  
  4. Quicken will display the location where your backup will be saved (click Change... if you want to change this location), along with the name of the backup file (typically this is your Quicken file name followed by .QDF-backup).  
  5. Click Back up Now.

Backup Quicken for Mac

For Quicken Mac

  1. Select File > Save a Backup...
  2. Choose a place on your Mac to save the file. You can save it anywhere, including a flash drive.
  3. Click Save.


Backup to your computer or USB thumb drive, CD, DVD, etc.

For Windows

  1. Insert the CD/DVD or attach the flash drive you want to use for your backup.
  2. Open Quicken.
  3. Select the File > Backup or Restore > Backup Quicken File.
  4. Select Back up on my computer or hard drive (CD, hard drive, thumb drive), then if necessary click Change... to select where you would like to save your backup.  This is where you'll select your CD/DVD drive or flash drive.
  5. Click Back up Now to start the backup process.


For Mac

  1. Select File > Back up > To Disk...
  2. Choose a place on your Mac to save the file.  You can also save to a flash drive from here, if you'd like.
  3. Click Save and you're done.


Use the Quicken Online Backup Service

Quicken Online Backup is the only way to back up your Quicken data file directly to the web from within Quicken.  It's available for Quicken for Windows, and a high-speed connection is recommended.

  1. Open the data file that you want to backup.
  2. Select the File > Backup and restore > Backup Quicken File.
  3. Select Learn more for more information regarding plan details, options, and prices.
  4. Click Get Started Now and follow the on-screen instructions for signing up.

After you sign up, or if you're already registered

  1. Open the data file you want to backup.
  2. Select File > Backup and restore > Backup Quicken File.
  3. Select Use Quicken Online Backup.
  4. Select Back up Now to start the backup.
  5. When its done, click OK.


Restore Quicken data

  1. Select the File > Backup and Restore > Restore from Backup File....
  2. Select Restore from your backup, then click Browse.
  3. Browse your computer or external media to find the backup file you want to restore. The Quicken backup file has the extension .QDF-Backup.
  4. If you are restoring a file over the current file, click OK to overwrite the current file.
    • What does it mean to overwrite a file?

      Restoring a backup file replaces your current data with the data stored on the backup disk. Be aware that you'll lose any changes you made since the backup was created. If you want to preserve the current file, you must rename the current file or the file you are restoring.

Restore an automatic backup

Quicken creates a historical copy of your data every seven days and stores five of these copies in a BACKUP folder. If the backup file you've created becomes damaged, you may be able to restore an automatic backup and save yourself the need to reenter some data.

Check to see if automatic backups is turned on (this is on by default)

  1. In Quicken, select Edit > Preferences.
  2. Under Setup on the left, choose Backup.
  3. Make sure there is a check mark next to Automatic Backups.
    • Next to Automatic Backups, there is an Open backup directory link that links directly to your BACKUP folder - a good way of finding them fast.
    • Choose to backup your Quicken data file after running Quicken X times (between 1 - 99).
    • Choose how many backup data files you would like to save (between 1 - 99 copies).

Restore an automatic backup

  1. In Quicken, select File > Backup and Restore > Restore from Backup File....
  2. Select Restore from automatic backups.
  3. Select the file to restore.
  4. Click Restore Backup.

Restore a Quicken data file saved using the Quicken Online Backup service

  1. In Quicken, select File > Backup and Restore > Restore from Backup File....
  2. Select Restore from online backup, then click on Restore Backup.
  3. Select I am an existing customer, then click OK.
  4. Enter your Account ID and Password for the Online Backup service (this will be saved after your first sign in).
  5. Select the backup file you wish to restore and press OK.
    • How do I select the file I want?

      A dialog lists the last 90 days of backups you have made of each Quicken data file that you are backing up online. The file with the most recent date and time stamp is the most recently backed up data file.

  6. To close the confirmation message that Quicken displays when your files are restored, click OK.


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