What is the Quicken Cloud?

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What to know:

The Quicken Cloud transmits your information between Quicken Desktop and Quicken Mobile, and visa versa, but it is not a backup; you can't restore Quicken data from the Quicken Cloud, and you can't access the Quicken Cloud from anywhere except the desktop and mobile Quicken products.  

  • The Quicken Cloud automatically downloads the latest transactions from your banks. You'll always have the latest transactions on your mobile device. This will allow you to view and edit transactions from anywhere you have mobile access. (Please keep in mind the data in the Quicken Cloud is not a backup and cannot be used to restore your Quicken Desktop data.)
  • After you set up mobile sync in your Quicken file, you'll begin syncing transactions to the Quicken Cloud, and you can then sync from the Quicken Cloud to your mobile device, so you can always see your latest transactions.  
  • After your first mobile sync, you'll have access to two years of your most recent transactions, even if you have more transaction history in your data file. 
  • Information moves in both directions between your desktop and mobile device, and from your mobile device to Quicken desktop. Two-way sync means that transaction updates (like categorizing a transaction, adding a recent purchase, or attaching a receipt) on the mobile device will sync to your Quicken desktop program and be added to your Quicken file.
  • After syncing, everything will match: transactions, balances, and budget results, regardless of where you choose to view your data.
  • You should use your Intuit ID to log in to the mobile app.  Your Quicken file is associated with your Intuit ID; log in with your Intuit ID to sync your mobile device to your Quicken file.
  • The Quicken Cloud data cannot be deleted, although there may be an option to delete it in the near future.

If you would like to turn off the Cloud sync from your One Step Update, simply uncheck the box next to Sync to Quicken Cloud in the One Step Update Settings screen.

What is the Quicken Cloud?


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