Quicken Bill Manager: How many payments can I make each month?

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Quicken Bill Manager comes with a set monthly allotment of payments you can make. This is determined by your previous Bill Pay use and Quicken product version. 

Payment allotment

Bill Manager Plan Payment Allotment Price
Bill Manager Standard

12 Quick Pay Payments
5 Check Pay Payments

Included with Premier and Home & Business
Bill Manager Plus

15 Quick Pay Payments
15 Check Pay Payments

Bill Manager Professional 50

25 Quick Pay Payments
25 Check Pay Payments

Bill Manager Professional 100

50 Quick Pay Payments
50 Check Pay Payments

Bill Manager Professional 200

100 Quick Pay Payments
100 Check Pay Payments

Add-on Payments

3 Quick Pay Payments
3 Check Pay Payments

$3 per add-on applied

Note: Quicken users on Premier or Home & Business at the time of Quicken Bill Pay discontinuation and who acted on the migration offer at that time may have a different number of available payments. See the Subscriptions section of My Account for your plan details.

How can I see how many payments I have left?

To check your remaining payments:

  1. Go to the Bills & Income tab. 
  2. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner. 

  1. Select Payment Accounts.
  2. The remaining payments can be seen under Payments available this month


When does my payment allotment reset?

Your payment allotment resets on your billing date. You can find your billing date and plan summary in the My Account page. Please also note that unused payments do not carry over to the next billing cycle.

Message: You have reached your limit for the number of payments you can make this month. 

Reasons for this error:

  • You’ve exceeded your allotment of checks 
  • Your subscription to Bill Manager is expired
  • Your subscription to Quicken is expired

If you feel you have reached your payment limit in error, please contact Quicken Support.

How can I add more payments?

Your payment allotment resets on your billing date. Customers who migrated to Bill Manager from Quicken Bill Pay can also add more payments for a fee or change their Bill Manager plan. For more information, click here.

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