Quicken for Windows Downloads Transactions That Are Duplicates of Existing Register Entries

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There are a few possible causes of duplicate transactions. To resolve the issue, we'll first need to determine what's causing these duplicates by looking at the Downloaded ID for these transacations:

Step 1: Add the Downloaded ID column to your register

1. Click on the Register Columns gear icon at the top right of the account register.

Quicken for Windows Downloads Transactions That Are Duplicates of Existing Register Entries

2. Place a checkmark next to Downloaded ID, then click Done. (If you use Two-Line Display, you will need to select Downloaded ID and Downloaded reference)

Quicken for Windows Downloads Transactions That Are Duplicates of Existing Register Entries

Step 2: Determine which of the following situations is causing duplicate transactions

Mismatched manual and downloaded transactions appear in the account register.

If the duplicate and manual transactions do not have a Downloaded ID, then the downloaded transaction was not properly matched to the manual entry.

Solution: Delete the manual entry.

Downloaded transactions appear twice, with different Downloaded IDs.

If your bank and/or their service provider is making changes to how they present data to Quicken, there is the possibility that they may transmit the same transaction with two different IDs.
Solution: Contact the Online Banking Support for your bank (Tools menu > Online Center > Contact Info) to request they escalate to their OFX team or service provider in order to resolve this issue for all their Quicken customers.

Transactions are downloaded through Quicken AND a manual download from your bank's website, resulting in different Downloaded ID numbers and duplicate data.

Solution: Don't to mix your methods for getting transactions from your bank. If you want to download from the website, try to stay with that method. If you decide later that you want Quicken to update automatically rather than manually downloading yourself (or vice versa), be aware that you may encounter duplicate transactions on that first download after the change. You will need to manually delete the duplicate transactions.

Deactivating and reactivating your account to change the connection method has caused downloaded transactions to appear again.

This is typically a one-time event; if you have not deactivated and reactivated your account in Quicken, this does not apply to you.

Downloaded transaction appears twice, with the same Downloaded ID.

Solution: Set the register for the affected account to Single-line display by pressing Ctrl+2 on your keyboard. Delete the duplicate transactions, then set the register back to Two-line display by pressing Ctrl+2 again.

If you find that this is not a one-time event 

If duplicates continue to download, you may require the assistance from either the Online Banking Support for your bank or from Quicken Support.

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