Recalculate the Investment Register

You can have Quicken program recalculate all the transactions in an investment register.  This technique can be used whenever there appears to be discrepancies with investment calculations or reports.

If a report is displaying unexpected results for investment accounts or categories, you should check the report setup before recalculating the investment register. 

Caution: If the recalculation finds lot information is missing or damaged, it will automatically assign lots on a First In First Out basis (FIFO); if you have used a different basis for assigning lots you may get better results by deleting and then reentering all of the Sell transactions for the security in question.

Copy your Quicken data file, and then open the new copy you created. Once it is opened follow the instructions below.

  1. From the Account List, double-click the investment register to be recalculated.
  2. Click the Date field for a new (blank) transaction.
  3. Press Ctrl+Z. If nothing seems to occur:
    • From the Quicken Edit menu, choose Preferences.
    • Choose Setup, and then set Keyboard Mappings for Ctrl-Z/X/C/V to Quicken Standard.
    • Click OK. 
    • Go back to step 2.
  4. Click OK when prompted to recalculate all transactions.
    Note: There is not a progress bar for the recalculation process. Look in the Date field to see if the recalculation process is still working. If the Date field is blinking, the register is still being recalculated.
  5. Click OK to any messages after noting which securities have been affected.
  6. Check to see if the original discrepancies with investment calculations or reports have been resolved.
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