How Much Should You Spend on Rent

How Much Should You Spend on Rent?

For decades, the general rule has been that you should not spend more than 30 percent of your income on housing. Yet, with increasing expenses and slow growth in wages, this number has become less realistic for a growing number of Americans. Whether you can keep your rent below the 30 percent threshold or not, here are some important numbers to keep in mind when working on your monthly budget. Continue reading

Financial Dos and Don'ts of Remodeling

Most people buy a home that's already built, not one that's custom-made for them, so it's normal for home and condo owners to want to remodel things to their liking. Remodeling projects often aren't cheap, but you can keep your expenses down by planning ahead. If you're thinking about sprucing things up a bit, check out the following dos and don'ts before you write a big check.   Shop Around for... Continue reading

Common Ways Consumers Waste Money

Date: November 16, 2016 Whether you're motivated to save for something really special like a new house, or you're just looking to trim some fat from your budget, figuring out where you're wasting money is one of the first places to start. Cutting the waste from your budget causes minimal pain because you're reducing expenses that you're receiving minimal benefits from, freeing up money for the... Continue reading

Why Love May Hinge on Your Credit Score

Credit scores were originally developed to help lenders gauge how likely a person is to pay back a loan. In a first-of-its-kind study by the Federal Reserve Board, researchers found evidence that your credit score has predictive value when it comes to relationships forming and potentially separating as well.   Relationships Forming You're likely to find someone with a credit score close to your... Continue reading

Knowing the Right Tipping Etiquette

Understanding the proper amount to tip can be confusing because the answer is often quite different from situation to situation. As a general rule, any time you receive service you might expect to leave a tip. However, this is an extremely broad rule because some service situations don't require any tip at all. If you travel overseas, tipping etiquette can vary from country to country, and even... Continue reading
See how each generation saves!

How Each Generation Saves [Infographic]

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Outdated Financial Advice That's Still Being Taught

Date: October, 25 2016 The investment world is littered with quotable expressions passing as legitimate investment advice. "Buy what you know" is an expression commonly thrown around about investments, but it may not be sound financial advice. It can cause problems for investors when inaccurate or outdated expressions become commonplace. Understanding the source and the legitimacy of financial... Continue reading

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle Without Breaking the Bank

Date: September 27, 2016 Americans find lots of excuses for not getting healthy, and cost is one of them. While it's true that it can cost you a bundle to eat at that new vegan restaurant every night and work out daily with a personal trainer, it's also possible to build a healthy, happy lifestyle without spending a fortune. Here are some tips to get you heading down the healthy path.   The Low-... Continue reading

How Secured Credit Cards Can Help Your Credit

If you are applying for your first credit card or have a short or poor credit history, obtaining one isn't going to be easy. Those looking to get their first card will find they need credit to get credit, and those with poor credit may be refused at certain interest rates. One way of entering the magic circle is to obtain a secured credit card. Here's the scoop on how doing that can help you... Continue reading

Features of a Profitable Investment Property

Whether you are looking to rent out a room or an entire building, a profitable investment property is one that will attract good tenants who are willing to pay for a quality location and a better lifestyle. It begins with finding a great neighborhood and then shopping around for a property that is meant to impress. Continue reading