Financial Planning for New Parents

Financial Planning For New Parents

  The world looks different when you're holding a new little life in your arms. Finances may take a back seat to excitement, but it's important to begin thinking early about how starting a family will affect your goals and budget. The vision you and your spouse create for your family's future will dictate many of your next financial steps.   Communicate — Early and Often Talking with your spouse... Continue reading
How Much Money Do You Need to Save to Pay for a Wedding

How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

How much is a wedding in the US? We break down average engagement ring costs, venue fees, entertainment expenses, and more so you can prepare for your big day. Continue reading
Are You Ready to Adult? The College Student's Personal Finance Preparedness Guide

Are You Ready to Adult? The College Student's Personal Finance Preparedness Guide

You've got the applications filled out and you have a list of your favorite schools — but what about your financial plan? While it’s easy for money management to slip your mind, planning for college financial management now can save you money-related stress later (like, during finals). Get these essentials covered and you'll be in good shape to ace your budgeting all year. Continue reading
How to Have a Big Day for a Small Price

How to Have a Big Wedding for a Small Price

It's easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of planning a wedding. But budgeting in advance is key for truly enjoying your big day, and it helps you avoid the stress of a large bill after the festivities are over. Use these tips for the wedding of your dreams — you might even save some money along the way. Continue reading
Personal Finance Strategies: Bringing Home Baby

Personal Finance Strategies: Bringing Home Baby

Planning a family is nothing if not exciting: the announcement, the get-togethers and those oh-so-adorable baby shoes. While it’s easy to get swept up in all the festivities, budgeting should be a top priority too. Planning for common expenses, saving for the future and minimizing your tax liability will help ensure your financial health and put your child on track for a bright future. Continue reading
Have the Money Talk: A Financial Cheat Sheet For Newlyweds

A Financial Cheat Sheet for Newlyweds [Infographic]

A financial cheat sheet for newlyweds: nobody likes to talk about it amid the excitements of marriage, but the :money talk" is one of the most important discussions you can have. Continue reading

Tips for Adjusting Your Budget After Having a Baby

More and more moms are electing to stay home with their children, according to Pew Research Center. But a new baby can bump up your monthly expenses by $2,000 a month or so, and when combined with the loss of one parent’s income, the resulting budget gap may seem impossible to straddle. However, it’s may be doable with a little belt-tightening and advance planning.   Anticipate Increased Expenses... Continue reading
Biggest Expenses to Consider When Planning a Wedding

Biggest Expenses to Consider When Planning a Wedding

Love may be free, but white lace and wedding promises cost big bucks. You'll be better able to organize wedding plans that work with your finances if you develop a budget well before the happy event.  You aren't likely to forget about the dress or the cake, but some of the other major wedding expenses can slip under the radar. Here are some budgeting tips to keep you on track.   Wedding Location... Continue reading