12 Fun Summer Money Challenges for Kids

Now that the long days of summer are here, are you finding yourself racking your brain for new and creative ways to keep the kids busy and entertained? How about using this opportunity to try some fun challenges for kids that can teach them about the value of money? According to a recent study, only 19 states in the U.S. currently require kids in K-12 public schools to take a financial literacy... Continue reading
Quicken Bank Of Mom And Dad

How to Get Your Kids off of the Bank of Mom and Dad

Many adults today are still financially dependent on their parents. We've got tips to help you cut the purse strings and prioritize your own financial future. Continue reading
How to Create a Budget For Your Teenage Kids

How To Create A Budget For Your Teenage Kids

By the time they're teenagers, most kids begin tugging hard at their parental leashes that hold them to childhood. They want to be treated as adults, but in many cases lack the fundamental life skills that will enable them to function as adults — skills like budgeting. You can make a budget for them, of course, but financial blogger Dave Ramsey suggests that taking a purely instructional approach... Continue reading

Strategies to Teach Kids About Savings

It takes time and effort to teach kids about money, but it pays big dividends over time. From a young age, children learn from their parents about how to manage money and regulate spending. Help your kids develop good habits by following these tips. Continue reading

When Should Your Child Start Using a Credit Card?

Date: May 17, 2017 Ask a random sample of people about credit cards and you'll probably hear a range of answers — from how dangerous they can be for accumulating debt to how fantastic they are for racking up rewards or providing access to cash in an emergency. So it's no surprise there's debate over when parents should allow their children to start using credit cards. Knowing the pros and cons of... Continue reading

Children and Finance: The Pros and Cons of Giving Allowance

Date: May 20, 2016 Your children learn early that things have a monetary value. Giving them allowances is a common way to help kids learn money skills, but some children respond better than others. Matching a successful allowance strategy to fit your child can be a challenge. To Give an Allowance or Not Giving your child an allowance permits the opportunity to: Practice basic math skills. Learn... Continue reading
8 Financial Tips for Teens

8 Financial Tips for Teens

Even teens who shine in subjects like calculus and chemistry often fall short when it comes to real-world finance. According to the non-profit Council for Economic Education, only 13 percent of American high schools require students to complete a personal finance course to graduate. This means that most teens must rely on their parents or their own research to figure out how to handle money. A... Continue reading