How do I uninstall Quicken for Windows?

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Note: If you are installing Quicken, you do not have to uninstall your old version first -- we'll do that for you automatically when you install the new version.

When you uninstall Quicken, your data file will remain on the system in its current location. However, we suggest you back up your data file to a safe place before you uninstall Quicken.


Windows 10

  1. Click the Start button and select the Control Panel. In Windows 10, the Control Panel is located in the Windows System folder in the Start menu.
  2. Under Programs, click on Uninstall a Program.
  3. Find Quicken in the list of programs. They are alphabetically ordered. Highlight it by clicking on it once.
  4. Click on Uninstall at the top of the list and follow through the prompts until the program is removed.

Windows 8

  1. Click the Start button and select Control Panel.
  2. Under Programs, click the Uninstall a program link  The Uninstall or change a program window opens.
  3. In the list of programs, select your version of Quicken and click the Uninstall/Change button.
  4. If asked for your Administrator password, enter it and follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall Quicken.


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