How to Make the Most of a Budget Worksheet

Budgeting worksheets can be powerful money management tools, helping you keep track of spending, master financial software, and save more for the future. Continue reading

How to Save for Holiday Spending

Along with the joy of the holiday season come increases in spending. According to Danny Payne, a certified financial planner practicing in southern California, "Gifts or holiday spending is quite possibly the most overlooked expense that can derail a budget." Therefore, nailing this budget item can help you finish any calendar year on a strong note financially Plan Early Don't wait until... Continue reading

How to Live Large on a Tight Budget

Conventional wisdom says that money doesn't buy happiness, but anyone who's been broke knows that being happy comes a lot more easily when you're not living without the things you want or need. A tight budget doesn't have to equal sacrifice, but it does take discipline and a little creativity to live large on a limited income. It's a threefold process -- diverting your funds to the things that... Continue reading

DIY Tasks That Save (And Some That Don't) [Infographic]

With a lot of Americans tightening their belts and spending less on home and car repairs, do-it-yourself tasks are rising in popularity. There are a lot that can save you money but there are a few that can only waste your time. Continue reading

Financial Fitness: Staying on Track [Infographic]

INFOGRAPHIC: There are many reasons why people have trouble sticking to a budget. They give in too easily to impulse, they're consumed by debt, or sometimes they don't have a steady income. Continue reading
Budgeting: How small cutbacks lead to great savings

Budgeting: A Visual Guide to How Small Cutbacks Lead to Great Savings [Infographic]

Budgeting doesn't have to be hard. You don't even need to be tied down to the idea of "making a budget". Saving money can be as simple as making a few small changes at home. The infographic above shows you easy, convenient ways to save up to $8,800 a year, without ever feeling the pinch of a restrictive budget.   Continue reading

What is Your Risk Appetite?

Only one thing always happens in the financial markets: Values fluctuate. Before investing in any market, at any price, in any climate, prudent investors think about how much fluctuation they can handle. In other words, how much can your portfolio go down before you start to lose sleep? We all have our trigger points. After the stock market began skidding in October 2007, frayed nerves sent... Continue reading

9 Young Entrepreneurs Who Became Personal Finance Prodigies

It’s hard learning how to manage money responsibly, especially when you’re young and think you have a disposable income and zero responsibilities. Getting a head start on learning the value of money and how to budget your personal finances will better prepare you for your adult life as you struggle to manage multiple fiscal responsibilities. While some young adults might squirrel aside some... Continue reading

Budgeting 101 [Infographic]

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7 Personal Finance Miracles

Most stories of financial success are relatively boring. They involve years of hard work, countless sacrifices, and repeated failures before the money starts pouring in and the glamorous part of the story finally takes place. Those types of stories aren’t what we’re talking about here. These financial miracles are the ones that happen seemingly (and sometimes literally) overnight, and forever... Continue reading