Preparing your data file to upgrade to a new version of Quicken

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We know your Quicken data is important; while you shouldn't experience any issues converting your file to a new Quicken version, below are some extra steps you can take to ensure a smooth upgrade.  After completing these steps, you can install your new version of Quicken and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the conversion.

First, make a backup

See the information here to make a backup of your file.  This guarantees that you'll have your current data safe and available, if needed.

Second, prepare your accounts

  1. Update all of your online accounts and scheduled transactions.
  2. Cancel any repeating Bill Pay payments you have set up in your file. You can find steps for this process here
  3. Check your account balances in Quicken.  If your balances don't match after converting your file, you'll be able to more easily see where transactions are missing, and you can add those transactions manually to resolve the difference. 

Third, prepare your file

  1. Remove your data file password:
    1. Go to File > Set Password for this data file.
    2. Select Use this data file without a password.
    3. Enter your existing password.
    4. Click OK.
  2. Validate your file in Quicken for Windows. You can do this by following these steps:
    1. Click on File on the top menu bar, then select File Operations > Validate & Repair.
    2. Put a check next to Validate file.
    3. Click OK.

Finally, make another backup of your file

Now that you've completed the steps above, make a new backup.


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