Quick Pay/Check Pay Errors & Troubleshooting

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Bill Manager Check Pay
Bill Manager Quick Pay

Error Messages

Quicken Quick Pay does not support payments to this biller at this time. Try logging in to the biller website to make your payment.

This error occurs when the biller doesn’t accept the payment method that Quick Pay supports. The biller may only accept debit or credit card payments and Quick Pay does not currently support these. 

You can pay the biller using Check Pay or on the biller’s website directly.

Login Needed

"Your payment failed.  We encountered an error while attempting to make your payment.  Please update your biller login information, then try to make your payment again."

Follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the issue,   

Other Common Quick Pay Errors


Quicken says my Check Pay payment was likely delivered, but the payee says it never arrived. What do I do?

First, verify the payee has not cashed the check. If the check hasn't been cashed yet, verify the payee address and information in Quicken.

If the information is correct, you will need to contact your bank and stop payment on the check.

You have reached your limit for the number of payments you can make this month. You will need to wait until next month to make a payment.

Reasons for this error:

  • You’ve exceeded your allotment of checks 
  • Your subscription to Bill Manager is expired
  • Your subscription to Quicken is expired

You can see your remaining payments by going to Bills & Income tab > Gear Icon > Payment Accounts

Please note, the amount of checks resets at the beginning of the month. This monthly reset will not necessarily coordinate with your subscription dates.


You purchased a Quicken subscription on January 1st. Then, you set up Quick Pay/Check Pay on January 15th, and received 15 checks with your plan

You'll have 15 checks available between January 15th and January 31st to use. If you don’t use them, they do not carry over.

On February 1st, the month resets, and you'll have 15 checks to use between February 1st and February 28th.

My verification deposits didn’t arrive

  1. Deposits can take up to three business days to arrive in your account.
  2. Look in your account for SP-Quicken Payee, these are the microdeposits.
  3. Confirm that you’ve requested the microdeposits to the right account.
  4. Verify the account and the routing numbers are correct. You can verify this by going to Bills and Income tab > Gear Icon > Payment Account > Edit.
  5. You can have the microdeposits sent again. Be sure to only use the new microdeposit amounts. The old ones are now invalid and using those to verify will not work.

If the microdeposits still don’t arrive, contact Quicken Support.

I have the verification deposits, but I’m getting an error message when entering them

The only way to resolve this is to enter the correct amounts. If you requested the microdeposits be sent multiple times, you will need to use the most recent ones for verification. 

My account is locked

This indicates the incorrect microdeposit amounts were used for verification four times. You will need to wait 12 hours to try again.

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