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What if I forget my Intuit ID password?

Don't worry if you forget your password; just follow the steps here to reset your password.

Why do I need a verification code?  

Quicken uses Multifactor Authenication (MFA) to protect your data; if you're logging in to your Quicken file from a different location (for example, if you access your file at work, and then want to open it again at home) Quicken will detect this change and prompt you for a verification code, to make sure it's really you trying to access the file.  You can choose to have this code emailed to you or texted to the cell phone you used when you registered Quicken.  

If you no longer have access to the email address you used to register your Intuit ID, go here.

What if I don't receive a verification code?

If you've had the code emailed to you, check your junk or spam folders - it's possible that the verification code was sent there.  If the email isn't there, and you don't receive a text, you may have to verify your account information:

  1. Go to and click Sign In > My Account)
  2. Click View Prior Purchases
  3. Login again when prompted (use the same username and password as step 1).
  4. Click on View/Edit next to Account Information
  5. Next to your email address, click Verify
  6. You'll then receive an email to verify your account
  7. After your account is verified, try resending the verification code from Quicken

NOTE: While you're completing step 5 above, you should also take the time to add and verify a cell phone for your account; this will make receiving verification codes much easier in the future.  Just click the Security tab on the right and Edit your phone number.  Follow the prompts to verify your phone.

How do I register Quicken Using an Address outside the United States?

Registration requires you to enter a US/Canada-based zip code. When prompted for Zip code, please enter 99999.

NOTE: Be sure to use a valid US or Canadian phone number, or a valid email address, to register Quicken; you'll need to receive a verification code at either this phone number or email address to access Quicken.

Do I have to create a separate Intuit ID for each data file I use?

Yes. You'll need to create a new Intuit ID for each unique Quicken data file that you plan to use with mobile sync.

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