Can I Install Quicken On Multiple Computers?

Quicken for Mac
Quicken for Windows

You can install Quicken (either the Windows or Mac version) on up to three computers in the same household, as described in their respective Quicken End User License Agreements.  

As long as you have Quicken currently installed on a total of three or fewer computers in the same household, no additional purchase is necessary. You don't have to purchase additional copies of Quicken to install it on a second or third computer, or to reinstall Quicken on the same computer.  

If you purchased a CD, you can use that same Quicken CD to install Quicken on up to three computers in your household; you don't need to purchase another CD to reinstall Quicken.

If you purchased a download, you can log in to your account from up to three different computers to download and install Quicken. 

Can I use the same Quicken data file on more than one computer?

A file can be moved from one computer to another computer, but it cannot be used simultaneously on both computers. Quicken needs to be installed on each computer. You can find instructions to move your data file to another computer here.

Can I install or use Quicken on a network?

We don't recommend sharing or attempting to sync Quicken data files between computers on a network, as this may lead to data file damage.  We also strongly advise against installing Quicken on a network. Quicken is not designed to be used over a network or shared drive.

Quicken incrementally saves your data as it's entered. Saving Quicken data files locally (directly on your computer's hard drive), and not over a network, decreases the risk of data loss. Network instability or the use of a single data file by multiple people at the same time will often lead to data integrity issues.

Due to the many possible network configurations, Quicken doesn't offer technical assistance for this type of configuration.

Our Quicken Mobile App will allow you to view your synced Quicken accounts from several different mobile devices, if you choose.

Can I use cloud drives to save or move Quicken files?

Services such as OneDrive or Dropbox can be used as a location to store backups of your Quicken data files. We don't recommend storing your active data files, or installing Quicken, on these drives. If you restore a backup that is located in your cloud drive, make certain the restored file is saved locally on your hard drive before using the file.


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If you need assistance locating your Quicken download, or if you are attempting to install from a CD and do not have access to a CD/DVD drive, you can contact Quicken Support