Not Able to Register Quicken for Windows


You may receive a message that Quicken cannot complete the registration process.  When you register your software, Quicken attempts to access the internet.  If you are unable to register, the problem is either with your internet connectivity (as associated with the Quicken software) or a firewall setting (Quicken isn't given access through the firewall). 

Please remember, you may only register a currently supported version of Quicken, which is current year plus two prior year versions.

Reset Internet Explorer settings

Quicken embeds the Internet Explorer component into the software which also in part of your Windows environment. These settings are not tied to your default browser. We are simply accessing these settings through Internet Explorer.

  1. Open Internet Explorer (typically found in your programs menu or to the right on your Taskbar next to your Start button).
  2. Select Tools > Internet Options.
  3. On the Advanced tab:
    Note: This option deletes cookies and history. The next time you visit pages that require cookies you may have to answer security questions again.
    • IE 7 & higher: Click Reset..., select the check box for Delete personal settings and then click Reset.
    • IE 6: Click Restore Defaults.
  4. Click OK to close the Internet Options.

Note for IE 10 users: IE 10 selects TLS 1.2 by default in the Advanced tab. Resetting IE to defaults does not clear this selection, and it must be manually unchecked by the user. Clearing this selection has been proven to resolve Quicken connection error messaging.

Caution: If you need to connect to specific sites that require TLS 1.2, you should take that into consideration before clearing this selection. If you are unsure if you need to connect using TLS 1.2, you can choose to disable when updating Quicken, then re-enable when prompted to do so by the website to which you're connecting.