Compare Quicken Deluxe and Premier

Both Deluxe and Premier have the same account types, reports, and features to choose from, although the following are only available in the Premier Edition of Quicken.


  • Investing: Investing Activity
  • Tax: Schedule A-Itemized Deductions
  • Tax: Schedule B-Interest and Dividends
  • Tax: Schedule D-Capital Gains and Losses

Other Features

  • Investing: Performance view (Portfolio Value vs Cost Basis snapshot, Growth of 10K snapshot, Average Annual Return snapshot). Buy/Sell Preview. Automatically update quotes every 15 minutes. Mutual Fund Ratings from Morningstar snapshot on Allocation view.

What do Deluxe and Premier have in common?

Account Types

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Credit Card
  • Cash
  • Investments: Brokerage, IRA, 401(k)/403(b), 529 Plan
  • Property and Assets: Home, Vehicle, Other Asset
  • Debts: Loan, Other Liability


  • Banking: Banking Summary
  • Banking: Cash Flow
  • Banking: Missing Checks
  • Banking: Reconciliation
  • Banking: Transaction
  • Banking: Cash Flow by Tag
  • Comparison: Current Spending vs Average Spending by Category
  • Comparison: Current Spending vs Average Spending by Payee
  • Comparison: Cash Flow Comparison
  • Comparison: Income and Expense Comparison by Category
  • Comparison: Income and Expense Comparison by Payee
  • Spending: Itemized Categories
  • Spending: Itemized Payees
  • Spending: Spending by Category
  • Spending: Spending by Payee
  • Spending: Income and Expense by Category
  • Spending: Income and Expense by Payee
  • Spending: Itemized Tags
  • Spending: Budget
  • Spending: Monthly Budget
  • Tax: Tax Schedule
  • Tax: Tax Summary
  • Graphs: Account Balances 
  • Investing: Capital Gains
  • Investing: Investment Asset Allocation
  • Investing: Investment Income
  • Investing: Investment Performance
  • Investing: Investment Transactions
  • Investing: Maturity Dates for Bonds and CDs
  • Investing: Portfolio Value
  • Investing: Portfolio Value & Cost Basis
  • Net Worth & Balances: Account Balances
  • Net Worth & Balances: Net Worth

Other Features

  • Home: Ability to create custom views and add custom snapshots
  • Bills: Calendar tool has Memorized Payee display
  • Planning: Includes Lifetime Planner, Tax Center and Planner, Savings Goal, Budget, Calculators (Retirement, College, Refinance, Savings, Loan), Deduction Finder, Export to TurboTax
  • Investing: Portfolio view, Allocations view, security list and ability to download current and historical quotes, asset allocation guide, Capital Gains Estimator, online portfolio sync
  • Property & Debt: Net Worth view, Account Overview, Debt view
  • Tags: Tag list, tag columns in registers and scheduled transactions
  • Account attachments
  • Multi-currency

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