[ Archived ] Compare Quicken Mac 2007 and Essentials for Mac

Our Quicken Mac 2007 and earlier users should note that Quicken Essentials for Mac is a brand new product (that is, it was not an upgrade of a previous product), which is more stable and easier to use than previous versions. However, some of the features you've grown used to may not be included. Because we want to make sure we're providing you with the solution that best meets your needs, we've answered a few questions that can help you determine whether or not Quicken Essentials for Mac is right for you.

What's new in Quicken Essentials

Quicken Essentials focuses on making basic personal finance tasks easier. You can conveniently download your transactions from multiple banks to see everything in one place, see where you spend your money, set up reminders to pay bills, and create budgets.

New look

You'll immediately notice that Quicken Essentials has a completely new look, modeled on many of the Mac-based software programs you already use and enjoy. We believe all users will have an easy time learning how to use the Quicken Essentials. If you already use programs like iTunes or iPhoto, it'll be a snap.

New, improved registers

You'll discover that the new registers are much more flexible and easy to use.

    • Unlike in previous versions of Quicken, each transaction appears on a single line—rather than on two lines—making it easier to skim through your registers and find what you need.
    • As with other applications for the Mac, like iTunes, you can drag columns left and right and position them where works best for you. You can also add and remove columns so you see only the information you want (right click - or Ctrl+Shift+click - on the column labels at the top of the register).
    • Instead of having to change transactions one-by-one, you can now apply changes—like marking a transaction as reviewed or categorizing them—to several transactions at once.
    • Matching transactions you entered manually with ones you downloaded from your bank or credit card is easy: Just drag and drop one over the other. Quicken Essentials bundles them together.
    • Quicken Essentials now has extensive undo capabilities so you can easily correct mistakes.

Global registers

Three new global registers let you review and work with transactions across all your accounts at once. The Transactions register lists transactions from all your accounts. Scheduled Transactions lists all scheduled transactions. And Last Download shows you all the data that was downloaded into Quicken Essentials the last time you did an update.

Downloading transactions

If you've used previous versions of Quicken, you are used to using a two-step process for downloading your transactions into Quicken: first you download them, then you "accept" them into the register. Quicken essentials now streamlines that process and skips the second step altogether. Instead, all downloaded transactions go straight into the appropriate register.

More financial institutions

Using new technology, Quicken Essentials lets you download transactions from over 12,000 different financial institutions, up from about 4,000 in previous versions of Quicken.

1. Can I track my investments?

Yes, Quicken Essentials for Mac allows you to track the overall value of your investment accounts and the value of your specific holdings by automatically downloading from your brokerage. If your brokerage does not support downloading to Quicken, you can also manually enter your investment holdings and positions, and Quicken will automatically update the current value based on our 20-minute delayed quotes.

It will not, however, track investment buys and sells or some advanced investment performance reports. If you need more advanced investment features, our Quicken for Windows products may be more beneficial to you.

[ Archived ] Compare Quicken Mac 2007 and Essentials for Mac

2. Can I export my data to TurboTax?

Yes, the Tax Summary report in Quicken will allow you to export tax-related transactions to TurboTax and other tax programs.

Quicken Essentials will also allow you to create customized, printable reports listing your tax-related expenses, which you can send to your accountant or use when filing your own taxes.

[ Archived ] Compare Quicken Mac 2007 and Essentials for Mac

3. Can I pay my bills within Quicken?

Quicken Essentials does not support bill pay from within the product ("direct bill pay").

4. Can I print checks from within Quicken?

Yes, Quicken Essentials will allow you to print checks.

5. Can I import or export QIF files?

QIF files are no longer supported in current versions of Quicken.

6. Can I transfer my data from an older version of Quicken Mac?

Yes, you can transfer data from Quicken Mac 2005, 2006 and 2007. More Info... 

Please note that the conversion process will not work if you are running OSX 10.7 Lion. More info...

7. Can I convert my Quicken Windows data to Quicken Essentials for Mac?

Yes.  Not only does it convert the latest supported Quicken for Windows data, but also data from your Microsoft Money 2007 and 2008.  For details on how to convert your data, please go here.

8. What other Quicken advanced features are not included in Quicken Essentials?

Quicken Essentials does not include some of the advanced features in other versions of Quicken, including business and rental property features, lifetime planner, cash flow forecast, debt reduction, tax planner, and home inventory manager.

9. Are any of these features coming in future versions of Quicken for mac?

We are currently considering many new features.  If you have ideas how Quicken can make your financial life easier, we would love hear your feedback.

10. How do I order Quicken Essentials for Mac?

To order Quicken Essentials for Mac, go here.

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