Create new Scheduled Transactions

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In Quicken, you can scheduled reminders for your bills to save time and help you remember to pay them when they're due. Many bills, such as rent and insurance payments, occur at regular intervals and are always for the same amount. Other bills occur less regularly, or the amount may vary. You can schedule reminder for all your bills, even if the amount and frequency varies. You can also schedule reminder for income and cash transfer transaction, such as paycheck and monthly transfers from checking to saving account. These are referred to as bill reminder or scheduled transactions.

After you schedule a transaction, Quicken can automatically match it to a downloaded transaction. Or, you can select the transaction and click the Paid icon in the register toolbar to enter it into your register manually.

    Create new bill reminder/schedule transactions

    To create new bill reminder/scheduled transactions:

    • Select the account in which you need to add the transaction. For example, your savings account.
    • Go to Transactions tab.
    • At the bottom on the window, click the New icon.
    • In the Date field, specify the date for the transactions.
    • To create a recurring schedule for the transaction, select Schedule checkbox.
    • In the pop-up displayed, specify the recurring schedule details.
    • Specify the necessary information in other field such as Payee, Category, Amount etc.
    • Click Edit Details to add other details such as memo, tags, splits, and attachments.
    • Click Save. A recurring scheduled transaction is displayed in your account register.

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