Price Matching Policy for Quicken Software

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We recognize that there are pricing differences between the software products you purchase directly from Quicken Inc. and those you purchase from your local retailer. Because your business is important to us, we would like to explain the reasons for the pricing differences and assure you that we strive to make our products a terrific value, regardless of where you purchase or at what price. In the end, we want all customers to feel comfortable purchasing our products regardless of whether it is at retail or directly from us at a fair price.

The U.S. antitrust laws prohibit us from setting the price retailers charge for our products. Retailers can charge any price they deem appropriate to remain competitive in the marketplace, and they can change the price for our products from week to week based on competition in the local area. Therefore, although we sell our products to retailers at a fair price, we cannot and do not dictate the retail price that they offer to the public.

As a software development company, our sales efforts are focused on selling our products to our customers. It is not our intention to compete with retailers; rather, we work with them as another distribution channel for our customers.

In addition, the final price that you pay may be affected by rebates. Sometimes retailers offer their own rebates; at other times, we may participate with a manufacturer's rebate. Rebates enable the retailer to position our products competitively with other products when and where necessary.

Buying directly from Quicken does provide the following benefits:

  1. Convenience If you believe time is money, then you may save money. Buying direct ensures that you get your product delivered to your door just after it is released. Many products are also available for download if you need the program immediately.
  2. Discounts on other software As a direct customer of Quicken Inc., you are also eligible for significant savings on top selling third party software. These are great values available to our direct customers who order online.
  3. Free Products From time to time, Quicken offers free software or gifts to our direct customers. We make every attempt to offer software titles or gifts that appeal to a majority of customers. You may change your contact preferences by visiting our privacy website.

Finally, we appreciate that some of our customers feel that getting a lower retail price outweighs the benefits of purchasing directly from Quicken. Because we are unable to match the prices and/or rebates found at retail outlets, customers who have changed their mind about their direct purchase are free to take advantage of our unconditional, 60-day money back guarantee.

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